Iverson Keeps Tweeting Love Of Memphis

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Iverson Keeps Tweeting Love Of Memphis

Iverson Keeps Tweeting Love Of Memphis

Aug 27, 2009 11:39 PM EST
Allen Iverson wrote on his Twitter page on Thursday that “Memphis is a place that I would love to play. The Grizzlies have good young players with a great upside. I love the city of Memphis too.

“I would lead by example. I could show how important it is to work hard everyday, play the game the right way, & just like it's your last!”

Memphis made a second offer to Iverson on Tuesday, trying to lure him with a one-year deal that

Thunder Dan
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Who Cares?

I love AI as a player in Philly but we have seen what happens when hes not allowed to run the show. All he is gonna do is take shots away from Rudy, OJ, and Marc if he goes there. Just another hood rat in a hood town.

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LOL! I love the

LOL! I love the Pic....Thunder Dan Majerle right?

I got a banner of the Thunder Dan myself....boy was the man.

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