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David Kahn

Does anybody else think this guy is starting to look a little in over his head this offseason?

From what I gather, He is really behind on the Ricky Rubio situation. It to me seems that Rubio is involved with all the Spanish teams and David Kahn just hears what happens. They traded away thier best perimeter player and a solid early bench guy for the rights to this media headache and extra expense for a player who won't even play for a few years....and then can come over and play the same position as the other top 5 player you drafted in the same year at the same position.

What he was trying to do is aquire assets, but he just looks like a rookie and didn't know what he was doing trying to be a hotshot. Because he isnt getting the trade offers he wants and he has started his regime by alienating both of thier new "cornerstones" at the same time in a city where nobody really wants to go to in the first place. He is certainly not off to a good start.

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While I'm not a Rubio fan, I

While I'm not a Rubio fan, I don't think Khan made a bad choice grabbing him. Rubio's stock isn't going to go down this year... he will keep the "mysterious European player" tag and as soon as we know when he is going to come over his stock might even jump. He would be stupid to deal him now, he needs to hold on to him a year.

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