ricky rubio

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ricky rubio

he just signed 6 year deal regal Barcelona
your thought please!!

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Well it's not official yet.

Well it's not official yet.

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I'm hearing it's not

I'm hearing it's not official. But I'm gonna go ahead and assume that he will probably play in Europe for another 2-3 years. I think Rubio is looking at the money he would make in europe right now and sees it is a little higher then what he would make on the rookie pay scale in the nba. Problem is, that whenever he does come over to the nba, he is gonna have to play under the rookie pay scale for 4 seasons before he could sign his first real big contract. So it might be in his best interest to get those four years out of the way as soon as possible instead of waiting until he is in his mid 20's.

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It isn't official

if everything the freaking Spanish newspapers said was real, Ricky would be with more then 3 teams already. They are still looking over it. haha.

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it´s not cause the money.the problem it´s dkv wants all the money they can get and want it this year.minny offers less than barcelona(i think it´s 3.5mill$ against 5.7mill) and the only way ricky could match this offer it´s by paying it in several years like many other players do in the past,but first,those players dont have this unproporcionated buyout and second,dkv needs the money now.

ricky already say that if he sings with any team it´s for two years and the rumor is he´s going to sing a 6year contract 800k euros\year with a decreasing buyout to leave to the nba for just one million euros in the summer of 2011.
but belive me if kah and the t´wolves find a way to match the offer(5.7mill plus 800K in taxes) this weekend he goes to minny if not dkv wont let he go to the nba with a better offer on the table.

anyway,everything it´s going to be solved probably by monday,if not earlier.

by the way,i saw ricky playing live two times this great as always!!.

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