Pick One BUST

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Pick One BUST

If you were a bust... who would you choose?

PG- Mateen Cleaves - just didn't fit in with any NBA team...

SG- Adam Morrison - famous for his 'stache and not for his touch...

SF- Nikoloz Tskitishvilli - Big time European B-U-S-T.... Afraid to drive in the paint and rebound...

PF- Kwame Brown - All-time lazy camper who would rather eat in a chinese restaurant than play the game...

C- Michael Olowokandi - he said he felt 21 again but hmmmm... we do DOUBT that...

other choices:
Marcus Fizer - well... I don't think it's a secret of who I would choose...

Shelden Williams - Landlord in college... Jackass in the NBA...

Darko Milicic - getting drafted ahead of Melo, Wade and Bosh sure gives you a lot of pressure...

So guys... Pick one of the bust and tell us WHY... I want to know your ideas...thanks

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Milicic, because he has

Milicic, because he has loads of potential still, and he can still get something out of his career.

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Kwame, at least he was like

Kwame, at least he was like an ok player. He is cool, just not 1st pick worthy.

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Kwame Brown was a HUGE bust
Kwame Brown was a HUGE bust but I would pick Adam Morrison because...I never thought Kwame would be special but i thought Morrison was going to be the next Larry Bird haha wow
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1 huge difference Morrison

1 huge difference Morrison didn't have the cockiness and swagger of Bird, he can still be servacible though

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Considering the players he

Considering the players he was picked in front of (Bosh and Wade most notably), it has to be Milicic.

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Shelden Williams - Married

Shelden Williams - Married to Candace Parker, why not?

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Nikoloz Tskitishvilli mainly

Nikoloz Tskitishvilli mainly because he was drafted high and given mad hype and he has yet to even be a decent NBA player/ Darko is nice on D and serviceable on offense and he is still young and could become a solid player for the Knicks. Kwame Brown put up some decent numbers and is solid on D for a big man but he is no where close to where he should be. He would not be considered a bust if drafted 12 or 13 that year which is where he should have been taken in that draft but anyway. Cleaves was meant to be a backup but it never worked out for him. If I was doing a rank Cleaves would be second because he was drafted in the first round and never had a big game at all at least Kwame teased with his talent with a few big games and solid games for decent teams.Olowankanda actually had like 2 good years and a few solid ones but he was limited then and he got hurt to make him almost useless end of story. He may have been a solid big man if not drafted by Clippers that made things worse. Morrison is still young and I never thought he would be great but solid and he still can be that maybe not for the Lakers but for another team. Marcus Fizer would be 3rd because he had NBA talent but was lazy and also pissed people off to where he did not get many opportunities. He put up solid numbers in a few game he got minutes but never really panned out. Sheldon Williams should not be punished for Atlanta being stupid that year. Everyone but Atlanta would have waited to take him. I think he would be a solid bkup big for a few teams. Boston picked him up for a reason but he was not 5th pick though.

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i'd have to say..

shelden williams.. candace parker is sexy lol

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at least he is a serviceable shot blocker in the league and who knows, he hasn't been injured and is still relatively young, he could be ok...worst case scenario a guy to come off the bench and give you 6 extra fouls and block 1.5 shots per in the process,...a lot of guys played a long time just doing that

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to early to say

Mark my word Ed Davis unfortunately is Shelden WIlliams of the future. Otherwise I says i be Olowakandi.

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I'd have to pick Darko. He's

I'd have to pick Darko. He's still young, he can block shots and run the floor. Morrison is 2nd on my list, I like his size and shooting ability. Unfortunately, his inability to defend or really contribute anywhere else prevents him from getting serious playing time. He can score, but he's not a dominant scorer. Nikoloz Tskitishvilli is I saw him playing for the Knicks summer league team. He got bigger, but he's still soft! It's unbelievable. Shelden can put in work on the boards, but he's a big liability on offense as he's undersized and a mediocre athlete.

As for Kwame, he never had the ability or the potential to live up to being the number one pick. He has small hands, no perimeter game and limited post moves. He's also very stiff and mechanical. He has really failed to improve over the course of his NBA career. A very bad move by the Wizards front office.

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