qhaynes this is my final offer for chris johnson

lendale white, jospeh addai, for chris johnson. two good pro bolwers for one. all three of them can put up the same numbers.

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The real here

The real here sir

Addai played bad last year and White is a goal line back.

Come on man, I feel like thats a bad offer and I have many deal better then that one.

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while then.

i guess no deal then. oh well.

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yea dude, you're crazy about

yea dude, you're crazy about trading truth. i dont know if you've sent me one offer that i would even consider

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The real here sir

The real here sir

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The Chicago Bulls want to

The Chicago Bulls want to extend fourth-year power forward Taj Gibson. By letting Omer Asik sign with the Houston Rockets this past summer, they all but indicated that when given the choice between one or the other, Gibson was the one they’d rather hold onto.caf323223

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Then, of course, there will

Then, of course, there will be performances like Monday night’s preseason game against the Brooklyn Nets when Beal sparked the offense with his own scoring. Beal attempted 12 shots in the game, finishing with 13 points, but didn’t register a single assist in the 98-88 loss.

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