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1-BOSTON-adding sheed , daniels and bringing back big &$#%#[email protected]! will help the big four be basically unstoppable
2-ORLANDO- this team is deep and loaded with talent and experience from last year's trip to the finals.
3-CLEVELAND- with shaq on board along with parker who i think will be nice prize for them. will have a very good team
4-ATLANTA- hawks are still a top four team in the east
5-RAPTORS-bosh is gonna have another all-star season
6-WASHINGTON-even if healthy i do think their window is closing.
7-BULLS-they will miss ben gordon , also they didnt even add a big man in free agency
8-HEAT- dwade is leaving soon(bulls here he comes


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I don't see miami or the

I don't see miami or the bulls going to the playoffs. Ben Gordon was main reason they did things in the playoffs, now with no scorer and a depleted Luol Deng, their looking okay for a late season playoff push but will not make i.

Miami on the other hand has No Bench.....They have Dwayne Wade and Yeaa thats probably the only name. Honurable Mentions are Beasly and Chamlers. Thats A Pretty Bad.

Pistons should be on that list . They are way better from last year and have depth. They will be in the playoffs!

The last seed will be a toss up between Chicago,philly, and charlotte. Even Alen Iverson Comes To Charlotte Consider them 8th seed or 7th.

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thank you

finally someone that believes that the pistons got better and are going to make the playoffs i think they will be 7th and the bulls or the 76ers will get the 8th seed unless iverson goes to Charlotte then i see them getting 8th seed they need a scorer and put washington in front of toronto they have more talent then the raptors

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I think the Pistons will
I think the Pistons will make the playoffs too.  I don't see Miami making it.  Beasley not focused.  Wade has no help & will get tired trying to shoulder the load all season.
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I have a hard time believing

I have a hard time believing Miami won't make any moves to try to get Wade some more help by the deadline, they need to give him a reason to stay, They will make the playoffs IMO , O'neal has been working out very hard this offseason, they have Chalmers and Beasley coming back, all they need is a legit SF/wing scorer to help Wade carry the load, even if they don't make it its not a bad thing to be lottery bound in 2010 , that Draft can be ridiculous.

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Look for the 76ers to make

Look for the 76ers to make the playoffs as a 7th seed and the Heat to not make it at all. The addition of Coach Jordan gives us a huge advantage as a team without a true PG, we needed exactly this kind of offense to be successful next yr. The Heat dont have anybody outside of Wade and to a lesser extent Beasley that is a true playoff piece.

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My playoff teams East1

My playoff teams
East1 Celticts
2 Cavs
3 Magic
4 Hawks
5 Raptors
6 Wizards
7 Bulls
8 Pistons(This one is a toss up between the Pistons and the Heat
(Close but no cigar, Heat, Sixers, Bobcats)

1 Lakers
2 Spurs
3 Mavs
4 Nuggets
5 Blazers
6 Jazz
7 Hornets
8 Thunder(With Harden, and the ever impressing Kevin Durant, this team should be a contender soon, look for this team to have a breakout season.)
(close but no cigar, Suns, Clippers, Warriors)

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lol.wade bulls here he

lol.wade bulls here he comes...sorry to bust youre bubble but chances of that happening are very slim. i see youre on the lebron to nyc juice...BasketballGuru24..ben gordan does hurt a lil but the way he played in the playoffs was not he played in the regular season. and no scorer?..theres a guy named john salmons who might disagree with you on that one. though hes not a sexy name he can get you 18-20 a night and im pretty sure rose will score a lil more and even a depleted lou deng wil be able to contribute 14 a night. a year better noah,tyrus also doesnt hurt

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