What would be the best place for Jeff Green?

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What would be the best place for Jeff Green?

because he is a SF playing PF. I know he is fitting w/ the Thunder now, but just wondering, should he gain weight and learn some post moves, be traded to a team in need for a SF, or get a true PF and let him be a bench player? And if traded, what we be the best fit for him, and who could the Thunder get from it?

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I think he should look at a

I think he should look at a player like Anthony Mason or even a Lamar Odom. I think he's a better SF then PF

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I've heard he's gained like

I've heard he's gained like 20 pounds of muscle this offseason. He's not that undersized. 6'9 and 1/2 inches and over 250 seem good to me. Let's see him play this year. He could really use a solid center to help him out

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Yea I heard he got 10 lbs

Yea I heard he got 10 lbs more muscle weight as well...he really is a SF though. His passing, scoring, and size would be better at the 3. I dont think they are getting the most out of him at the 4, he seems held back watching him play. He's still good though, so that shows you how talented a guy he really is. If they want to be an elite team in the future though, they would let him play the 3.

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new team

I agree that he'd be more effective as a power forward, A team i could see him fitting in well with would be New Jersey, That would be a huge front line with Brooke Lopez at center, Yi as a 7' power forward with Green at the 3, another scenario i could see him in would be Minnesota, with Al Jefferson at the center, Kevin Love at power forward, and Jeff Green at small forward, They would dominate the glass

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I think with a legit center,

I think with a legit center, he could be a Odom type pf. Also their offense is not hurt because of it but OKC does need more physical bigs.

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Eventually, I think OKC is

Eventually, I think OKC is gonna need to get a more powerful big becuase as talented as Green is, he really should be playing sf. Maybe he can be a multidimensional becnh player ala Lamar Odom.

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I think the guy is a really nice player, but I think he is going to be the most effective off the bench. As soon as they are able to get a real post presence and move him to the bench, then they are ready to contend for a title. I think he needs to be one of those super subs that gets close to starter's minutes off the bench. Maybe 20 minutes a night playing the 4 and 10 minutes playing the 3. I agree that he is probably best off playing the 3, but as long as he is in OKC with Durant, it's not going to happen.

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