Kenny Smith Hints Towards Leaving TNT

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Kenny Smith Hints Towards Leaving TNT

Kenny Smith Hints Towards Leaving TNT

Aug 24, 2009 4:16 PM EST
Kenny Smith has made his name as an NBA analyst as Charles Barkley's sidekick on TNT.

"Yes coaching or management is next...Will be super difficult to leave TNT when that happens," Smith wrote on his Twitter page.

Smith played in the NBA for 10 seasons, with stints in Sacramento, Atlanta, Houston, Detroit, Orlando and Denver.

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I've heard both Smith and

I've heard both Smith and Barkley say they would to be a GM of their own teams. I seriously doubt anyone would give Barkley that opportunity. I've heard him say a lot of ridiculous things about young prospects.

Smith seems like he would be okay, but he has to get some more on hands experience first.

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Let Him Leave

I hope this is true he is so annoying anyway I like Gary Payton and Chris Webber I think they are better in the studio Kenny Smith is a hater and he over analyzes everything.

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