2009-10 Lakers is somewhat similar to the 96-98 Bulls

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2009-10 Lakers is somewhat similar to the 96-98 Bulls

The Lakers are having a blast this off-season right after winning their 15th title. That also stomped Kobe Bryant's legacy as one of the best players in NBA History... Looking at their probable line-up this upcoming season, they reminded me of the 96-98 Chicago Bulls team... The thing is, the Bulls have no legit center to back them up in the post whereas the Lakers have a young stud in Andrew Bynum making them a little bit more talented over the dynasty. Let's look at some of the roles that can be seen on the Lakers that are somwhat familiar with the Bulls roster...

1. Michael Jordan = Kobe Bryant
They are both the go-to guys on their respective teams. The Game's greatest player of all time matching up with the best player in the game today. Their games are similar in a lot of ways. The jumpshot, the defensive intensity, the passion to win (though Jordan may have bigger edge here), the super-clutch performance and the ability to rack up 40-50 points in any given night. These are some of the factors that make them comparable to each other.

2. Scottie Pippen = Lamar Odom
Scottie maybe the best all-around player on the Bulls squad. Lamar Odom may be coming off the bench again. But there is no denying that Odom is the Lakers' all-around player. Odom may be a knucklehead sometimes but his long and athletic bod has had everyone scared especially when he is coming off the bench. Pip is the second-best player on the Bulls dynasty helping Jordan capture 6 rings and stumping his mark as one of the 50 Greatest.

3. Dennis Rodman = Ron Artest
Both are rugged, mean, aggressive and physical players. Rodman is one of the best rebounders the NBA ever had. Artest is one of the best defensive stoppers the league has ever seen. Both won the Defensive Player of the Year award. Both have a knack for the ball.Both has had controversial careers and both has had brawls and technicals and ejections. Their game maybe different but their tenacity remains similar, a lot similar.

4. Toni Kukoc = Pau Gasol
I tell you right now... Their game are so different despite them being big men. Kukoc can hit the outside shot while Gasol is a post threat. Both are European players that fit smoothly to the Triangle Offense. Both take pressures off of Michael and Kobe. Toni will always be a third option to the Bulls team while Pau is the second-best option for the Lakers... Unless when Artest starts to think he should be the second-best...

5. Ron Harper = Derek Fisher
Ron Harper's role is similar with Derek... Relieve some pressure off of the stars on their team... They don't score that much but when they do, it is usually on clutch time... They make big plays and big shots when needed. Forget that Harper is 6'6 while Fisher is 6'2... The fact that the matter is, both these guys have a drive for success...

6. Adam Morrison = Jud Buechler
One has been mentioned as one of the all-time busts while the other has been a tweener journeyman. Still, you can't deny that they can shoot whenever they are needed. Their similarity is that both enjoyed the ride while doing nothing to help their team win the title...(though Buechler may have done a couple of things for the Bulls back then...)

7. Randy Brown = Shannon Brown
Both are athletic guys coming off the bench... Giving quality minutes to rest their superstar teammates and bring a couple of highlights to the game when needed. Randy is a big time pickpocket master while Shannon just breaks away from the defense using his off-the-charts athleticism...

8. Steve Kerr = Sasha Vujacic
There is no denying that these two guys can shoot. The only thing that Sasha has yet to prove is, can he be able to perform clutch performances on the big stage? This is something Kerr has done through out his NBA Career... Plus he had 5 rings to show for it compared to Sasha's one.

These are just some of the things that I have noticed in the Lakers team... Let's see whether or not they can translate this to 2 more rings... something the Bulls have done during the 1996-1998 season.

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I like this post......i

I like this post......i agree with everything you said no doubt. I just hope the Lakers can prove it again. and again. And again.

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The Lakers

The Lakers are certainly going to win a lot of games, and i like the similarities, You could even say Josh Powell is going to play a similar role off the bench as Jason Caffey did during the last 3-peat although, i would say Caffey was a more talented player, but both are big bodied rebounders off the bench.

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i respect what u said but,

i respect what u said but, Kobe not in jordan league dont dis respect him, only this that compare them is phil jack pippen is a 50 great not odom (sorry LO for saying that u still my guy) bulls had no bigs that were good like the lake show so they won or lost with michael. kobe could never do that IMO

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