Denis Clemente

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Denis Clemente

Im from Miami and have played HS and whatnot around the circuit and have seen many of the latest surge of great guards from the south Florida area. I have seen both Brandon Knight and Kenny Boynton in the past 2 years. Both were impressive, although I dont think Boynton is a first rounder. Brandon Knight is the truth. He plays basketball like a running back, very effective.
I played against Clemente in High School and I havent ever seen anybody on a basketball court in my life like this guy. He was just on another level. Too fast, too good a shooter, there was just nothing you could do. We guarded him with 5 feet of space and let him rain 3's in our face. Even with 5 feet of space, he could still get past everybody we threw at him when he wanted to drive. The only knock then is the same knock now though, he is about 6 feet or 6 1 and isn't really a playmaker, is more of a scorer, but he is an unbelievable scorer and hope to see him in the league because nobody has ever been that much better than me in my whole life and I wont ever forget seeing what he could do.

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Kstate in the building. I

Kstate in the building. I really really like Clemente because like you said, give him space he'll shoot and knock it down, but guard him to cloe he'll get to the rim and finish with a floater or layup. He has alot of offensive skills, but he would have to play a Janerro Pargo type role to play in the NBA. My Wildcats will be a great team next year and Clemente will be the ringleader man.

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I watch a lot of Big 12 basketball and Clemente can score in bunches and is so fast end to end, I saw him drop 44 on Texas last year, but I like the Pargo comparison. Considering how fast he is, he isn't a great defender and needs some work in that area, I think he'll be a second round pick next year, He reminds me of former Oklahoma State player Jameson Curry who was drafted in the 2nd round by the Bulls in 07'

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i was at the texas game he

i was at the texas game he was unstopable

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where did you play HS at?

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