Finesse or Power?

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Finesse or Power?

Finesse: You love a smooth finger roll, tear drop and floater. You'd rather have a big man with the ability to step outside and stretch the defense over one who is limited offensively but will fight under the hoop. You admire guys like Dirk Nowitzki, Steve Nash and Jamal Crawford. Your favorite teams score alot of points, but give up almost/just as many.

Power: You love a one-handed throwdown over the opposing team's center. You see big men who prefer to step outside as "soft" instead of skilled. You admire guys like Leon Powe, Shane Battier and Andris Biedrins. Your favorite teams play great defense, but don't score alot of points.

I know many people like a mixture of both, but try and put yourself in a hypothetical situation of having to choose one or the other. Also, your definitions of finesse and power might be different, but you pretty much get the idea, right?

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Power. Defense wins

Power. Defense wins Championships

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I'd go power as well. I like

I'd go power as well. I like tough guys that make plays with authority.

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Power all day

Power all day

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If your comparsions are dirk, nash, and crawford for finesse, or powe, battier, and beidrins for power, i think im gonna go finesse. But still finesse you have the skills to match with anyone. If your perferred area is power, what happens if you meet someone stronger than you, then your game is taken away. If you have the finesse/skills game you stick with any player because you can either match their skills or take them away from the hoop

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Like Q said...Defense wins championships.

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It depends I would rather

It depends I would rather have finesse for guards and power for big men.

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well most of the good

well most of the good players have a little bit of both, big men that can bang but also can run like a gazzle are awesome, kevin garnett, chris bosh, lamar odom, and guards who use power have a big advantage over lots of the smaller ones, kobe can over power plenty of people, deron williams can run and gun with the best but can over power any pg, kidd has been using his speed and size for years,

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Cant go wrong

Finesse has gotten players ran out of the league, whereas you cant go wrong with power. You bring your A game, play hard, and you will find a spot somewhere in the league.

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a lot more fun to play in and power type offenses are too boring to watch

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power. there are much more

power. there are much more finesse guys in the league and a true power guy is rare to find

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I want both

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