Great Matchups To Look For, In The Upcoming NBA Season

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Great Matchups To Look For, In The Upcoming NBA Season

Atlanta Hawks vs. Washington Wizards
(Their both experienced teams, with a lot of young talent, especially at the forward positions...Hortford vs. Blatche, Marvin Williams vs. Jamison, Josh Smith vs. Butler, Joe Johnson vs Mike Miller, Bibby vs. Arenas, Jamal Crawford vs. Randy Foye, and etc..This will definitely be an up tempo exciting game)

Toronto Raptors vs. LA Lakers
(Both these teams have crazy length with their front court and overall their two of the deepest teams in the league...Bargnani vs. Bynum, Bosh vs. Gasol, Turkoglu vs. Odom, Antonie Wright vs. Artest, DeRozen vs. Kobe, Calderon vs. Fisher, Belinelli vs. Vujacic, Jarrett Jack vs. Shannon Brown, and etc.)

LA Clippers vs. Oklahoma City Thunder
(Blake Griffin versus his hometown team...Westbrook and Harden versus their homestate team...Both these teams are young and talented...Chris Kaman vs Kristic, Blake Griffin vs. Jeff Green, Al Thornton vs. Durant, Eric Gordon vs. James Harden, Baron Davis vs. Russell Westbrook, DeAndre Jordan vs. BJ Mullens, Marcus Camby vs. Ethan Thomas, Sebastian Telfair vs. Shaun Livingston, and etc)

Golden State Warriors vs Milwaukee Bucks
(Both these teams have few veterans and a whole lot of youngsters...neither has much depth, especially up front, but this game will sure be like a old Western shootout...Biendrins vs. Bogut, Anthony Randolph vs. Hakim Warrick, Corey Maggette vs. Carlos Delfino, Stephen Curry vs. Michael Redd, Monta Ellis vs. Brandon Jennings, and etc...Curry and Redd, I feel will put on a shooting exbition in this game, with both players putting up 30 points or more...Brandon Jennings and Monta Ellis both have crazy agilty and explosiveness, making their matchup real fun to watch)

There's many more great matchups I could think off, but these are really going to be the games I look forward to sitting back and eating some popcorn to...I can't wait for the season to start =)

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Agreed. I also wanna


I also wanna see

Denver vs Dallas and Toronto vs Dallas

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yeah this will be a very

yeah this will be a very interesting year for and college actually

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