Daniel Orton

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Daniel Orton

What do you think about Daniel Orton, I really don't know much about him, I researched him a bit when Gillespie left and he reconsidered going to Kansas, but It looks like he is a big body rebounder, type guy. Do you think he'll get much time at Kentucky this year? and is he a pro talent or just another big body who'll get picked up in the 2nd round after his senior year?

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He seems

Like a Kendrick Perkins type of player to me...He will get playing time...Expect him to have a breakout sophomore season...He seems like a mid 1t rounder type of talent to me.

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Pro Talent.  He will be a
Pro Talent.  He will be a 1st Round Pick whenever he declares.  He will get some playing time.  Kentucky is loaded in the post though.  I imagine Orton will get at least 18 minutes a game of playing time this season.  Very good size/length/strength for his age.  Defnitely needs to work on his offensive skills from what I have seen.  Rebounding & Defense are his strengths.  He is a legit pro prospect.  I think he will be a force even as a freshman.  
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Solid player. More 2011

Solid player. More 2011 prospect then 2010. Reminds me of like a poor man's Juwan Howard. Needs to develop more Offensive moves as well

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Whoever made that Kendrick

Whoever made that Kendrick Perkins comparison is dead on the money.

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yeah...i think its a slap to

yeah...i think its a slap to jawan to say hes even a poor mans jawan because jawans offensive game was so advance even as a highschool...but that kenrick perkins comparison was on point

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Orton is a backboard breaking-type of player.

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