Ralph Sampson III

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Ralph Sampson III

Ralph Sampson III- 6'11'' 220 - 20mpg 6.3ppg 4.3rpg 1.5bpg
Ed Davis 6'10'' 215- 18.8 mpg 6.7ppg 6.6rpg 1.7bpg

Ok, don't look at the first part of this post and think im trying to say Sampson is better than Davis, but they do a lot of the same things well, and the same way people are expecting Ed Davis to blow up this season, I think Ralph Sampson III could make great strides this year as well. Minnesota is going to be a better team than they were last year, and Sampson's improvement is going to be a vital part of that. He is long, athletic, and has the intensity that a lot of young big men don't have. I see him averaging around 11 8 and 2 this season and vaulting himself into lottery conversation for 2011.

What do you guys think about Ralph Sampson III?

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Minnesota is a team I will

Minnesota is a team I will be watching out for next yr. I like what Tubby Smith is building, and he's built from the ground up.. I think the player thats being slept on at Minnesota is Lawrence Westbrook. He's one of the better players in the Big 10 from what Ive seen because he attacks the rim, is a tough defender and can shoot. He's probably too small for the NBA though because he's a 6'1" shooting guard.

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Answer the question

I like Sampson, and i personally feel that Davis is a tad bit ovverated. Anyways, i agree with u that if Sampson has a solid season and picks up his rebounding average then yeah he would probably get some looks in the first round this year, and definetley be a lotto pick in 2011

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The Gophers are a sweet 16

The Gophers are a sweet 16 team this year. Al Nolan, Lawrence Westbrook, Royce White, Colton Iverson, Ralph Sampson, Rodney Williams, Damian Johnson, etc. They go about 9 or 10 deep and that starting lineup is very solid.

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you know what wolf you have

you know what wolf you have a very good point..ive seen ralph play but never really thought about him much untill now..he is a pretty good player with very good potenial..add to the fact that the gophers should be a very good team with him westbrook and royce white( my sleeper for this year)

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