Lebron James Most hyped ATHLETE of all time??

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Lebron James Most hyped ATHLETE of all time??

Look this question has been put up countless times Was Lebron James the most hyped Nba Player of all time and other then Shaq (Even he is alot futher back IMO) no one has seen to be even close.

But i'm gonna take this question one place futher Was Lebron James the Most hyped athlete of all time?

At first Glance many people would be quick to say are you crazy helohelo? But think about it for a second he was predicted to be first pick for three years straight he got espn to view his highschool games. Thats a very big deal. He has the Speed of a guard the strength of a center plus the height of a foward truly a master piece of an athlete and i could complement what they thought of his game all day long.

Thinking about this question i was think of other players in sports who were highly hyped and the only i thought could come close was Tiger Woods who was seen as something special at the age of 4 but no one was predicting he would be the greatest of all time.

So what do you guys think

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agree with spencer...

agree with spencer... resources like never before. i mean, within like a couple of hours everyone knew that LBJ had been dunked on and it was discussed to death on places like sportscenter and pti

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I wasnt around but....

the only other guy I can think of is Lew Alcindor. He was an absolute man coming out of high school and was the first prospect ever to get national pub.

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freddy adu

wrong sport, i know, but freddy adu was pretty hyped and never did anything with it lol

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He's good.

Not as good as people thought he was going to be, but still good.

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yeah id prob say lew

yeah id prob say lew alcendor because he was talked about (even back when they didnt cover highschool basketball much) as a freshman.. starbury was pretty hyped since 8th grade as well as oj mayo..although neither was said to be the number one pick they were hyped longer then bron. as far as college id have to say jason williams because during his last year many people including dickie v felt he was the second best pg on the planet behind jason kidd( i hate duke but at the time i agree

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what about Chris Webber

what about Chris Webber

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