All Awesomely Bad Hair Cut Team

C. Jack Sikma - blonde tight curl mini fro
PF. Dennis Rodman - so many terrible hair cuts to choose from
SF. Anthony Mason - had so many squiggly line shave patterns it probably confused defenders
SG. Dell Curry- you could balance stuff on top of that guy's flat top
PG. Mark Price - his slick side part made him look like an insurance salesman


PF. Michael Cage - possibly the finest jerry curl to see time on an NBA floor
C. Rik Smits - long blonde mullet - need i say more
PF. Chris Anderson - he's at least 5 inches taller with that faux hawk
PG. Stephon Marbury - The tatted out chrome dome was made famous by Mike Tyson, but Marbury gave it an NBA twist
SF. Craig Ehlo - I don't even know what you can call that other than mangy

Honorable Mention

Hot Rod Williams, Jeff Hornacek, Latrell Sprewell, Bill Walton, Detlef Schrempf, AK47, Shaq in the early 90's with the shaved head plus side burns look

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I know it wasn't a haircut

I know it wasn't a haircut but Moochie Norris' afro was horrible

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I loved all Rodmans

I loved all Rodmans haircuts, he shouldn't be here, put Scott Polard instead of him

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I forgot about Polard, Mutton Chop Samuri was pretty awful

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Jim Mcilvaine or however you

Jim Mcilvaine or however you spell that had a pretty bad mullet when he played for the Sonics. And personally I think Adam Morrison's mustache should be on this list somewhere haha

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Chris Kaman

before he had it cut short.

A vote for awsome hair cut has to go to Brandon Jennings...bringing back the flat top...thats gotta make Chris Rock happy

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uve got to put kaman somewhere..
and nash when he got long hair.
noah too.. lol

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How has nobody mentioned

How has nobody mentioned Drew Gooden yet!!??

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