Best Player In His Prime Part 2

The Point Guards
Who was the best player in his prime?
If not prime, the best years, he has played(I wouldnt wanna say Lebron or Wade have already been in their pime since they are still young)
If you wanna add some players just post them
Here are Some Decide who is the Best:
Tony Parker:
PPG:22.0 APG:6.9 MPG:34.1 FG%50.6 3PtFG%29.2 FT%78.2
Jason Kidd
PPG:16.8 APG:10.8 MPG:41.2 FG%44.4 3PtFG%36.6 FT%75.7
Steve Nash
PPG:18.6 APG:11.6 MPG:35.3 FG%53.2 3PtFG%45.5 FT%89.9
Chris Paul
PPG:21.1 APG:11.6 MPG:37.6 FG%48.8 3PtFG%36.9 FT%85.1
Deron Williams
PPG:19.7 APG:10.7 MPG:36.8 FG%47.1 3PtFG%31.0 FT%84.9
Rajon Rondo
PPG:11.9 APG:8.2 MPG:33.0 FG%50.5 3PtFG%31.3 FT%64.2
Chauncey Billups
PPG:18.5 APG:8.6 MPG:36.1 FG%41.8 3PtFG%43.3 FT%89.4
Andre Miller
PPG:16.5 APG:10.9 MPG:37.3 FG%45.4 3PtFG%25.3 FT%81.7
Baron Davis
PPG:21.8 APG:7.6 MPG:39.0 FG%42.6 3PtFG%33.0 FT%75.0
Mike Bibby
PPG:19.6 APG:6.8 MPG:38.6 FG%44.3 3PtFG%33.0 FT%77.5

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Nash Wins. And Saying Rondo

Nash Wins. And Saying Rondo is in his prime is a stretch.

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Kidd if you include the

Kidd if you include the rebounding numbers.

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Since you went back to the

Since you went back to the 90's, you should have included Payton in this from his seattle days. But I think Nash in his prime was the best. He was doing everything out there on offense and he was consistent.

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I tried to put the ones

I tried to put the ones still playing
I know rondo is still not in his prime
but alot of you seem to like him and so i added him..
i forgot to add motna ellis LOL
gonna change that..
gonna make the ones for
Power Forwards and Centers next

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This is an unbalanced list

This is an unbalanced list as half these guys aren't even really in their primes or are just entering their primes.

I'll comply, though.

  1. Paul
  2. Nash
  3. Kidd
  4. Parker
  5. Williams
  6. Rondo (not even close, but also probably two years from his prime)

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Tony Parker, Nash, Williams, and Paul will all be the best in their prime. Well We've seen Nash.
Now the debate between Williams and Paul for the next 5 years at least and throw in Parker too

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Should wins in that season

Should wins in that season be included? I mean looking at stats is one thing but does it matter if they were not a successful team.
Going just by the numbers though i would take CP3, but D-will, Rondo and Paul have not come close to their prime.

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It goes to Kidd for me and

It goes to Kidd for me and right behind him Nash cause he won the MVP that year, but Chris Paul's year was real good too, but i believe him D-Will and Rondo still have more great years in em

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I'm having a hard time with this one. I don't like looking at Rondo's name up there after seeing the other guys. They are on a completely different planet. Based on the numbers above, I am going to go with Nash, but I am sure if I saw ALL of the stats and what was achieved I would say Kidd because he is and was an amazing rebounder and back then he was an excellent defender. Nash is neither, but during that year he was ridiculously effecient. Not to be overlooked and in a close 3rd was Paul. He was amazing, despite not really having anything around him but a bunch of scrubs.

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added some new ones =p

added some new ones

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it is definetly kidd he

it is definetly kidd he averaged 14.3 pts 10.1 assists 7.2 rebs 2 steals and lead his team 2 two finals like seriously

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KIDD. for me. imagine that line up they had when they made the ECF.

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