Amare or Boozer

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Amare or Boozer

If you were a NBA GM who would you be willing to trade for (or rent cause they will become free agents) knowing that these guys are on the trading block?

Natrually i would pick STAT but injuries worry me. If i wanted to contend i would trade for boozer

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It depends...

on what style your team runs. If you're a traditional style O, then Booze. However, if you're a team who loves transition bball, then Amar'e is your man. Two different players with completely opposite styles.

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I like amare he has more offensive moves and he is more explosive but he doesnt rebound enough for me boozer rebounds pretty good and he puts up consistent numbers but he plays below the rim most of the time so I pick stoudamire.

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I'll go with stat although

I'll go with stat although it is close. Amare is more of a go to offensive player.

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Amare is overrated to me I mean hes good but is only great in a fast break offense Boozer could thrive in any situation I think personally.

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Amar'e HAnds Down.when

Amar'e HAnds Down.when Heathy best Power Foward in the NBA

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Amare is definitely a more explosive player on offense but Boozer is more consistent and is not as selfish(except for the contract with the cavs situation) Amare would be my pick to be a franchise player and would be more than a number 2 guy

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I would pick boozer he can post up he can shoot the ball, and is a pretty good passer. Amare is good but he gets injured to much, he can run the floor when he's healthy, he has missed alot of games in his career which has made it a up and down carreer for him.

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Both have questions written all over their career... For Amar'e, its defense... Has the tools to become a good defender but never dared to utilize them... For Boozer, its injuries and loyalty... The Cleveland rob out sucked big time and they never forget that... Now, he wants to get traded but teams like Miami hesitated which is a smart move. Injuries ate up most of his 5 years at Utah and questioned whether he was worth the $68 Million given to him...

My pick: Amar'e...STAT

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IT'S funny that they came

IT'S funny that they came into the league at the same time..Both should've went in the top 3 after Yao Ming...I enjoyed watching Boozer play at Duke..He was stong, had good post play,could shoot midrange ,and mature..I was stunned that he lasted until the 2nd round!!! I felt he should've been a top 5 pick that year..He's developed in an allstar...It goes to show u ever the so called experts get it wrong.....Amare came from High school and was the 1st player from high school to be name rookie of the year...IF i had to choose who's the better player..I'LL SAY Amare

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