the Steelers

do you think they can repeat?

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im leaning towards the

im leaning towards the ravens right now... but yeah i think they can.

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r taking it

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Ravens is my favorite team

Ravens is my favorite team but there's no way were winning a superbowl with flacco. Giants might have the best defense in football but their offense is a little shaky. Jacobs will get it done but I don't see any good recievers left for them. They lost Burress and Toomer which hurts a lot. I see the Patriots vs. Eagles/Vikings in the Superbowl.

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In the meantime, Beal has the

In the meantime, Beal has the option of becoming more of a distributor or relying on the style of play that allowed him to average 14.8 ppg in his one season at Florida. For Beal, knowing when to pass and when to shoot is part of the challenge of becoming a professional

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