2010 High School Rankings Released

Wed, 08/19/2009 - 1:55pm
Harrison BarnesHarrison BarnesThe 2010 high school senior class lacks depth and talent as a whole, but there are 2 potential superstar prospects at the top in Harrison Barnes and Perry Jones. Barnes has an extremely mature game plus a great deal of upside left to develop. Jones oozes potential but must develop a killer instinct.

This class has a number of promising point guards including Brandon Knight, Kyrie Irving, Josh Selby, and Canadian Cory Joseph.

Turkey's Enes Kanter recently moved to the US and entered the class and figures to be a top 5-10 talent. He was absoultely dominating in the U18 European Championships winning MVP while playing against opponents that were a year older than him. His 32 pt, 25 reb game and 35 pt, 19 reb championship game exhibited the talent he possesses.

Ohio State bound Jared Sullinger is the most dominant bigman on the high school level right now. Late bloomer, 7-foot project Fab Melo out of Brazil is another intriguing bigman.

The junior class has intrigue with one of the top talents on the high school level leading the way in Michael Gilchrist. Gilchrist is a physical specimen with a 7-foot wingspan at 6'6 with excellent quickness and leaping ability. This class also has a number of other talented players who are sure to break out in the next 2 years.

Doc Rivers' son Austin Rivers and Jeff Teague's brother Marquis Teague are two point guards with bright futures.

The sophomore class has by far the most talent of the three classes with a number of bigtime talents led by Andre Drummond who has more long term potential than anyone on the high school level (Article).

Other bigtime talents include Isaiah Austin, DaJuan Coleman, J'Mychal Reese, Justin Anderson.

2010 High School Rankings
The Hoops Manifesto
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Real good to see so many Canadians make the list. Unfortunately they all have to go to high school in the States to get themselves the attention of the scouts and improve their games.

Looking at these rankings it appears the next couple of seasons will be weak ones in terms of talent. Am I off base with that thought?

Jeff Fox

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I think that's fair to say. The 2009 (college freshmen) and 2012 classes are both very good and should carry college hoops over the next few years. The 2010 class (aside from the top - Barnes, Jones) is very weak. There may only be 10 - 12 first rounders from that class when all is said and done. 2011 is a little stronger and I anticipate some players will emerge and make it a solid but not great class. 2012 and 2013 appear to be LOADED.
The Hoops Manifesto
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Positive for NCAA fans

I guess that could turn out to be a positive for fans of college ball, since many of these guys will have to stick around college for more than one season to get themselves ready for the NBA.

Jeff Fox

Tha King2121
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Perry Jones

I dont get it. Y is he going to Baylor.
I hate that, could have went to any
school. why did he pick baylor

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Tony Wroten Jr.

Come on guys gotta add him.

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Why is James Johnson...

Listed as one of the top seniors?

Adi Joseph
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Wroten's on the list and
Wroten's on the list and it's a different James Johnson.
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Will Barton at 17??? he

Will Barton at 17??? he should be WAY higher.

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Stick to judging College talent!!!

First can tell alot about a top 50 recruit by who is recrcuiting him!!! You must also judge prospects on PAP..Performance, Ability, and Potential!!!

The fact that you have Perry Jones in the top 5 RIGHT NOW is hilarious!!! This dude averaged 10 points a game this past year in HS! Yeah he did OK playing with his horrible, and un heard of AAU team, but When Playing against the best players in the nation he gives you 2 pts and no rebs in 20 mins!!! He was the worst american player at the global challenge when it comes to performance!!! He plays with the Dallas Seahawks for AAU? What? And he also is going to Baylor!!! There is a trend there! From an abiltiy and potential standpoint he is one of the, if not the best prospects in the nation!!! But C'mon..10ppg in HS during your Jr year!!! Eww!! Having a killer instinct is just something you have in you...usually guys that are his size and that would click!!! At best he's someone fun to watch in the and there! He won't be star, because he's 18 now, every star in Basketball history was a star at that age!!

Some of the Players that you have are ranked really high have limited college choices and game!! Tobias Harris is productive, but what is his position,,he's a tweener and will always be one! Name the best tweener 3/4 in the NBA? Are there any anyway!! He's not that athletic, so you must think the world of him....Where is his Potential? Where is his Position?

Both CJ Leslie and Terrence Jones are 6'8, 6'9 wing man that are both being recruited by UNC and UK!! That says alot! Now those are NBA prospects!!! Leslie is a potentiall KG at SF!! While Terrence Jones has a kind of Paul Pierce/Odom wing point thing about him!!! Neither guy will be in College more than Two years..while Tristan Thompson will be a 4 year player and might have a chance in the league! Ohh and I'm not going to even get started on Joe Jackson, Deshaun Thomas and Jelan Kendrick!!!

1.Brandon Knight
2.Harrison Barnes
3.Jared Sullinger
4.C.J Leslie
5.Fab Melo
6.Deshaun Thomas
7.Josh Selby
8.Terrence Jones
9.Jelan Kendrick
10.Joe Jackson
11.Kyrie Irving
12.Ryan Harrow
13. Perry Jones
14.Will Barton
15. Josh Smith

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NOW it's a different James Johnson

The previous listing was for James Johnson from WFU and the link was to his profile.

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hes a junior

tony wroten is class of 2011

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what u need to know

yes the 2010 class is a lil wack, and thats cause most of these so called scouts dont really take the time to look for real talent..going to some of the listed aau tournaments and looking at da same kids that prep and private schools talk about dont mean sh$#..anymore..there are kids in public schools all around america that can play just as well and even better then have da kids on the 2010 list..ONE..that comes to mind is ayoung man by the name of ZAID HEARTS 6'4 GUARD. He's from the marryland,dc know the same place that gave u the last two # 2 draft pick in the nba draft..(keven darrant, mike beasley).. not to mention carmelo anthony,jeff green,ty lawson,dante cunningham and a rack of other pro players..ZAID HEARTS started and played for springbrook high school,which by the way went UNDERFEATED and won there second STATE championship. (back to back). He went head to head with the # 11 kid in da country and beat them. also locked up with da # 4 kid in da country and put on a why is it that hes on NO ONE "S radar??? TWO...theres another young man that comes to mind out in las vegas by the name of JUSTIN OMOGUN 6'8 SF/PF. That goes to spring vally high school..this kid is KILLING out there. Hes put up 22.5pts,15.7 reb,4 blocks a game as a jr. Over the summer JUSTIN played for the las vegas prospects aau team, were they took the 17 and under championship in arizona at arizona state. where he avg. 15 and 12. He's a beast.. athletic and hard working..He's 6'8... that u cant teach.. and not ranked???? the crazy part about all this is both kids has an 3.0 gpa..... where da love!!!!!

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Brandon Knight is a good

Brandon Knight is a good team player. I hope he will be more better when he will make it to the NBA.

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Yes that is true. Mary ,,,

Yes that is true.

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a new Michael Jordan ?

maibe a new Michael Jordan it will be discovered in 2010 :)
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Yes it will take more time

Yes it will take more time and work untill they can catch them :)

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Harrison Barnes is a good

Harrison Barnes is a good basketball player, he needs to practice more to be a better one.

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