Flip Murray to Orlando Magic?

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Flip Murray to Orlando Magic?

Flip Murray to Orlando Magic?
Ronald "Flip" Murray is an interesting guy who might fit well for the Magic. He's had a journeyman's career, spent last season in Atlanta and put up some great numbers. He played in 80 games, averaged 24.7 minutes per game and 12.2 points per game. Jason Williams is still out there after his NBA hiatus. The Clippers gave up their rights to him, then the Knicks acquired them before doing the same. He has a home in the Orlando area and that could make this an enticing option for Williams. -- Orlando Sentinel .....Ben's Take: Flip is a poor man's Chucky Brown.

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Flip could help some but I

Flip could help some but I think Orlando would be better off trading for CJ Watson.

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Orlando offered Anthony Johnson and a conditional 1st round draft pick for C.J Watson and the Warriors rejected it. Personally I think that is a terrible trade. C.J Watson looks like he is going to blossom and Anthony Johnson is old and Orlando's 1st round pick? That is going to be a deep 1st round draft pick and I doubt that they will find anyone who will have an impact like Watson does. Watson will stay with the Warriors.

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they need a point guard more

they need a point guard more they already have Pietrus, and Reddick off the bench. i think Williams would be a good fit hes a playmaking point guard, while Nelson is more of a scorer and fill their hole.

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What's wrong with

Anthony Johnson? I don't think he is great by any stretch, but he provides what you want in a veteran point guard. He doesn't turn the ball over and makes solid decisions. Jason Williams not so much, plus he doesn't shoot very well and has been out of the NBA for about a year or so. The last time he played you could tell his career was coming to an end. The CJ Watson trade would be great for Orlando, but not do much for GS. I'm not sure if they really need Flip Murray or should want him. He's a good scorer, but they already have Carter and Peitrus at the 2 and Reddick, regardless of what you think about him is not a bad 3rd option at SG, especially if he keeps improving. He still has a chance to pull it together to become a solid player.

As much money as Orlando spent they should have just kept Hedo as well as acquiring Vince, assuming Hedo was willing to stay after that.

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Poor man's Chucky Brown?

Ben's Take: Flip is a poor man's Chucky Brown.

This makes absolutely no sense if this Ben guy is comparing their basketball skills. Murray is better than Brown.

The only similarities is the journeyman part. Murray has played with 6 teams, Brown played with 12.

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Flip Murray wont get any

Flip Murray wont get any time if he plays for Orlando. He isnt a PG but he would be a good player for a team that needs instant offense at the 2 off the bench off the bench ie. Pheonix, or Boston

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