Interesting Marbury Interview

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Interesting Marbury Interview
some is a bit crazy but some actually makes some sense.

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Marbury may be a lil wierd

Marbury may be a lil wierd but most people are that actually have personalities. I am not backing him up cause he did some shady stuff that could have had him at least win a champion with KG if they never split. The Media is shady a great deal of them are athesist. My thing is everything about Marbury saying that everyone has skeletons is true. Remember what happened to Marv Albert. My thing is if it is crazy to do something on the sly regardless if many people know you are still that crazy person that did stuff on the sly. I will say this though dude did look kind of feminine in that video but at the same time i think ever now and then everyone has caught themselve with a look and been like dang that should have come out different. I do hope he does get it right but I also believe that you have a lot of shady people throwing stones that could not handle have the stone they are throwing if returned. I would like to see Marbury track them phonies and blast them on twitter or something or do a cheater cam and post it on the internet.

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is exactly why boston wants to trade rondo rondo is getting marbury personality from being around them he hurt them more then he helped them

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