Lou Williams

does anybody think he can win most improved player ?
dont shoot me down or anything, i think he'll do great in philly this up coming season

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I doubt it. Sure he can

I doubt it. Sure he can improve some but not enough to win that award. He has a lot of responsibility on his back now & how he handles that will likely determine if the 76ers make the playoffs or not.

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He is a good scorer, but I think they will still look into bringing another Point Guard taking away his chance and still come off the bench although he is a pretty good player. He's still young right? 24? He came straight out of highschool I think./

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He needs a lot of work on his game

This year is going to be trial by fire for Louis Williams with the departure of Andre Miller. His speed makes him a special talent, but expect a lot of growing pains for Louis Williams this year, he needs to work drastically on his shot selection and really, just his basic point guard skills. He is young and could be a real good point guard, but this year his numbers will be up, but that also includes T.O.'s and he has yet to prove he can shoot a good percentage, even in limited minutes.

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nice pic
but lou is scoring point i think iggy should start play more point forward
or point 2 guard he is great play maker

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I think can have a good year

I think can have a good year this year he got good speed he has a nice jumpshot he's going to get alot of minutes this year so he could win most improved. Rickyrubio9 lou is only 22 goin on 23 october

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I think hell put up 18ppg 5

I think hell put up 18ppg 5 assts and 1.5 stls this year. that princeton offense works perfectly for him and to an extent Iguodala (who could have a high assist number as well with the ball movement the offense uses, and his passing skills). i promise you Lou Williams wont be a liability in the offense, it will be Dalembert (who reminds me of Brendan Haywood, take it how you want). the day he's traded is the i will be a very happy man.

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lol..hes a better option

lol..hes a better option then iggy as a point foward. if he can learn to be a pass first or score 1. pass 1b then he should do alright. comming off the bench his job was to score more then to get peopel involved so now we just have to see if he can change that role. i think A.Randolph is the front runner for most impreoved off the top of my head right now

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williams is VERY overrated

williams is VERY overrated

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Big Fan

Now dont jump down my throut or anythin but i wouldnt be suprised to see Lou develop into a Gilbert Arenas type player especially with Eddie Jordan as the head coach. He is a scoring point guard with great athleticisim and elite speed. Im not saying he will put up Arenas numbers but I think that if he is starting he will put up around 15-17 pph and 5 assts. It also helps that he has Iguodala because Iggys really is more of a point forward in my opnion

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