Amare Stoudemire

As we all know he's been on the trading block for the last year or so. I decided to try a trade and a found this one the best:

Portland having Stoudemire with Roy would be amazing
Phoenix would get a young center when Shaq leaves & Bayless when Nash leaves

I wasn't sure about giving up Aldridge, so yeah, opinions?

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I forgot shaq left. lol sorry!!!!!!

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i dont think so because it

i dont think so because it would be harder to resign Amare than Aldridge.

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i don't think they'd give up

i don't think they'd give up aldridge right now. he could be very good in a few years, and aren't roy and aldridge good friends? it would probably benefit them, but i don't think blazers would do it.

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Yea i dont think they will

Yea i dont think they will get aldridge up even if they get amare they have alot of chemistry between them and i think it would be a good trade for webster and bayless especially bayless to show people what he can do given the right amount of minutes.

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Amare isn't tryin 2 sign a extension 2 play for Portland when he can play for a team like Miami but him playing with Roy would be nice

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Not a Bad Trade

That's not a bad trade, but to me that means getting rid of Barbosa if you are sold on Bayless. Though Barbosa is the more proven player. Even though he plays no defense and doesn't rebound like he should, there aren't many guys that I would trade Amare for. I think it's a great trade for Portland. That gives them two all stars and a nice surrounding cast, but I'm not sold on him staying in Portland when his contract is up. If they believe they can win right now, then they should go for it, but I still think they are at least 2 years and a healthy Oden away from that.

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I really like this trade...

I really like this trade... Isn't really bad for either team... But the Blazers seem to be really high on Bayless

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Never would happen

I guarantee that Portland wouldn't even accept the trade if it was Lamarcus straight up. Lamarcus is way younger and is still improving. Amare is better, but I think he's a defensive liability and he'd take shots away from Roy...Lamarcus and Roy work really well together.

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