Lebron speaks on some issues

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Lebron speaks on some issues

kinda old but if you missed it

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Thanks for posting. It's one

Thanks for posting. It's one thing to walk through the hand-shake line with your head down, but to blatantly walk off the court like that is inexcusable. I don't remember Jordan or Kobe doing something like that. If you lose, whether it's by alot or a little, you're supposed to shake hands with your opponent(s). Especially if you're a global icon that kids look up to and admire.

I was an assistant coach for a 6th grade traveling team last year, and we finished 11-5 for the regular season. 4 of our 5 losses were by 4 points or less. Some of our kids cried after those games. They still had enough decency to get off the court, walk to the hand shake line, shake hands and say "good game".

What's so hard about that? I guess you think you're entitled to blow some things off when you've been treated like royalty since the age of 14. I have a feeling that LeBron was jealous when Kobe got more attention than he did during the Olympics. We shouldn't call this guy "King James", he's more like a prince. Jordan is still the king.

As for Crawford dunking on him, it wasn't that bad. He just mistimed his jump. Vince over Zo was MUCH worse. So was Kobe over Dwight, and T-Mac over Bradley.

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Understanding behind not shaking hands

Although I would not usually do it myself, I do understand what LeBron is talking about when he gave his reasoning for not shaking hands after the Conference Finals loss.

Even though from childhood we are taught to shake hands with our opponents in the game of basketball, when it gets to a high level of competition such as College and more often in the NBA the game is no longer just a fun form of exercise. It becomes a business and players put 100% of their effort into their performance at games. With a result of losing or even winning sometimes, a player may be in an emotional state in which they do not wish to confront players on the other team, and even their own.

He spoke well about his feelings and reasoning, and I am glad that he stated that its not always done in the game. Because if players do engage in some form of post game confrontation, it usually is the player's have some sort of very close friendship or it will be a former teammate/coach, or they just wish to say goodbye to a fellow NBA player until they play again. Some players do it quite often since during the regular season the games do not carry as much on one's success than post season games do. But when the big games occur, it should not be considered a negative mark upon somebody if they choose to leave the court after a loss or win with no congratulations to their opponent.

As for the rest of his video, it was a great way of dealing with the dunk issue. I really could care less about the whole thing, but he spoke well about the whole ordeal. And his joke about the number of times he has dunked on people is a good way to realize he doesn't really care too much about the whole thing, although it may be a bit egocentric...

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