2009-2010 rookie all-star starting lineup

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2009-2010 rookie all-star starting lineup

PG: Flynn or Jennings - Jennings has really impressed me so far in the summer games
SG: Evans- i think he will have a better rookie year than harden or curry since he is most likely the 1st option for a young Kings squad.
SF: Derozan- very talented player, although he might play as a SG for the raptors
PF: Griffin- why the hell not?
C: Thabeet- it could change since hansbrough and blair are also good, i could be
wrong though.

So what do u guys think???

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Pg: Jennings Sg:

Pg: Jennings
Sg: Harden
Pf: Griffin
C: Thabeet

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I agree with everthing you

I agree with everthing you wrote

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pg-tyreke evans sg-james

pg-tyreke evans
sg-james harden
sf-demar derozan
pf-blake griffin
c-jordan hill

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I think Gasol will start at center for Memphis in the first half of the season, possibly all season, Thabeet will get minutes due to the fact he is the #2 pick, but i think he wont be averaging any more than 7,5, and 1.5. That being said, Griffin, Hansbrough, Blair, and probably Hill will most likely have better numbers, and since the rookie game is for the fans i think they will run a 3 guard 2 forward lineup since this draft is so guard heavy. plus people are going to want to see the #1 pick of 07' (oden) against the #1 pick of 09' (griffin) more than a Thabeet/Oden match up

I think it will be

pg. Jennings/ if Sessions stays then Flynn
sg. Evans- big minutes, big numbers, exciting player
sg. Harden- a good fit in OKC, will have good numbers, Curry may sneak up
pf. Hansbrough- will get minutes in Indianapolis and put up gritty numbers
pf.Griffin- stronger than Thabeet anyways( for the Oden matchup) and at 6'10'' 255 or so is roughly the size of Alonzo Mourning and will be putting up double doubles on a consistant basis all year

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PG. Flynn or Rubio if he

PG. Flynn or Rubio if he turns up.
SG. Evans like you said big minutes and no leash around his neck.
SF. T-Will can fill up the stat sheet and NJN needs a starting SF.
PF. Blake Griffin - Clippernation baby.
PF. Tyler Hansbrough - No great Centers and is very NBA ready.

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