Roderick Flemings Interview

Mon, 08/17/2009 - 1:46pm You participated in the adidas Nations camp last week, how did that go?

Roderick FlemingsRoderick FlemingsRoderick Flemings: It went well. It was a great experience for me to get out and play with other players from around the country to see where my game is at. I felt that it was a great experience for me. I had a good time there.

NBAD: You're from Dallas, and the event took place in nearby Carrolton at AIG. How was that playing close to home?

RF: It felt good playing close to home. I felt comfortable with so many friends around, guys from back home came out so it was kind of a home court advantage.

NBAD: Which player impressed you from the event?

RF: I'd say Derrick Favors. He was on my team, bigman going to Georgia Tech was really impressive.

NBAD: Did any of the NBA scouts in attendance give you tips on things you should work on for next season?

RF: Yeah the NBA scouts there gave me some tips. Try to be a hard core defender. And working on my ball handling.

NBAD: A lot of ppl forget but in high school at the NBAPA 100 camp you led all scorers. Talk about that event.

RF: Oh yeah back in 2005 I was the leading scorer at the NBAPA 100 camp. I think I was flying under the radar, a lot of people didn't really know about me.
Greg Oden, Brandon Rush, Gabe Flowers, Daequan Cook all were there. I went to that and did a good job, and opened some eyes being the leading scorer at the players Association camp in Virginia.

NBAD: Last year you averaged 16.6 ppg on 47% fg and 5.8 reb. What was the transition like from juco to NCAA?

RF: In juco the game was less organized. In NCAA basketball the game is more controlled and the speed of the game is a lot different. Defensively it's definitely a step up in D1 basketball.

NBAD: What's it like playing at Hawaii?

RF: It's wonderful. There's nothing else like it. You get to have paradise and you get to play basketball so there's nothing else like it.

NBAD: Is it ever tough to stay motivated and stay focused with beautiful weather and bikini girls at the beach always there?

RF: No. I definitely stay motivated! I love the fact that the beach is there and I would have to say going to Hawaii is the best decision I've made.

NBAD: What interests do you have outside of basketball, during your offtime?

RF: I like to go bowling, I'm a pretty good bowler. I like to play video games with friends, I play 2k9.

NBAD: What do you consider to be the things you need to work on most to make it at the next level?

RF: I think I need to become a better leader for my team this year. And show scouts that I'm a hard worker, and just work on my defense. And my ball handling like they said. And just continue to improve at other areas and keep getting stronger.

What should NBA scouts take notice about you? What sets you apart from other prospects that will make you succesful at the next level?

RF: I feel like I can do a lot of different things on the court. I can go out and give whatever you ask me to do. Rebound, pass, score. Whatever is needed I feel that I can do it. I can defend almost any position (besides the 5).

What are your goals for next season?

RF: To make it to the NCAA tournament and win our conference.

NBAD: Any individual goals as far as statistics?

RF: No I'm more focused on the team.
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