Fizer's Take: Golden State Warriors

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Fizer's Take: Golden State Warriors

2 seasons ago, the Warriors created one of the best Cinderella stories in NBA History, upsetting number 1 seed Dallas in the first round of the playoffs. The Warriors have been an underdog and it has been 13 years since they last saw the light of the tunnel. Fast forward to 2008 and they almost made the playoffs with an absurd 48-34, should they have been in the East, they would have made it to the playoffs in the top 4. Many thought that this could be a resurgence of a laughing stock franchise. This past season, the GSW are starting off a sorry slump. They made trades here and there, getting rid of their core in Al Harrington in exchange for another scorer in Jamal Crawford. Sure, the Monta Ellis moped accident-injury crap issue was huge after he signed a whopping $66 Milllion Dollars of new contract. Thus the Warriors suspended him for 30 long games leaving undrafted players getting all the PT that he should have gotten. Guys like Anthony Morrow and CJ Watson took advantage of that opportunity but the Warriors were still losing. It was obvious that the Baron Davis factor was missing leaving Captain Jack to do all the work for the Warriors. Andris Biedrins and Ronny Turiaf made solid plays at the front but the lack of a Monta Ellis and the Baron Davis to Clippers issue hurt the Warriors a lot in the 2008-09 season. They never made any real headings in the regular season except of the Don Nelson saga where he was pretty much vocal or if I should be harsh, whining about his players being unable to fit in his system. The Al Harrington issue was the first one. He traded the player to the Knicks in exchange for Crawford. Then a few weeks or months later, Nellie issued a statement that Crawford won't stay there for long. He acted like he is the GM of the Warriors. Then to make things a little bit worst, they cut potential PG Marcus Williams stating that "he doesn't fit well". He absolutely gave no chance for the young kid. The Warriors did everything wrong this season all thanks to their so-called coach. Instead of developing Marco Belinelli, he let Stephen Jackson get a lot of minutes. Instead of giving a chance for Brandan Wright to flourish, he never did. It was a disastrous season for the Warriors and their fans at the Bay Area, whom I considered one of the frenziest crowds after watching their hunger during the 2007 Playoffs. I think the fans deserve better than what Nellie is giving them dontcha think? Nevertheless, the Warriors are moving on and it is obvious that they are nowhere near the playoff hunt that season. Still, all hope lies on the 2009 NBA Draft and the development of potentials in Anthony Randolph and Brandan Wright. In the unpredictable draft night, it was clear that the Warriors gave the Knicks fans a shock when they selected sweet-shooting Stephen Curry at the 7th pick, leaving the Knicks fans in jeers and frustration. It was clear that they are searching for a shooter that can fill it up in Nellie's unorthodox system. And it seems that Curry is the answer to all that. A Curry who can shoot the ball lights out and an Ellis who can slash the basket is an interesting and dangerous combo to see in the upcoming season. Yes, I kinda miss the Jason Richardson days myself but with the combo of two undersized guards, they could provide fans something to look forward to. A little experience is the only thing they needed plus a chance to jell as a team. That's all that matters this season. It is a fresh start for the GSW and its fans. Getting Corey Magette healthy could be the X-Factor for the team. Allowing Brandan and Anthony to grow could help them reach farther than expected and letting Marco Belinelli walk in exchange for some veteran bench in Devean George could be a blessing in disguise for the rest of the guys in the bench. So will they make it to the playoffs this year? My answer is NO. With a powerhouse West, it's tough for them to make it to the playoffs this year. They are still a few pieces away from making it but with the guys that they have. They can be headed into a good direction. Will Stephen Curry have the same career as his dad, Dell? Will Nellie wake up from his crazy dream? We'll see what the Warriors will have this year.

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NBA Draft Grade: B

NBA Offseason Grade: C

Predicted W-L: 20-62

That's just a writer's opinion... Anyone care to comment, I'm open for it^^

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I Agree

Warriors look like a really good team to me, but I just don't like Don Nelson. He always gives me that vibe that he just ruins everything. Trading Bellinelli for George, I know he didn't do that trade but I am pretty sure he had a say in it. Why trade a potential good player, for an old player? Not letting Randolph, Bellinelli, Wright play that often is a big mistake. How does he expect them to improve? If everyone can mesh together this season, I think the Warriors can make some noise.

Azubuike said in an interview that the, "Warriors are unpredictable." So who knows what is going to happen this season. Personally, I think they should fire Don Nelson because he just seems the issues to all of these problems. I also read that Nelson would be advising Riley as GM.

Great article, try paragraphs though!

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Wow only predicting 20 wins?

Wow only predicting 20 wins?

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they have no PG

The problem is that they have no PG to replace B.Davis
Who will make the plays?
What will they do when the other team traps them in halfcourt?

I predict 25 wins, i expect wright and Randolph to shinen and develop much more, and maybe in two or three years they get to the playoffs

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very ballsy I see 30 wins

very ballsy

I see 30 wins this season from Golden State.

Monta missed 30 games last season.
Randolph and Wright will be a good PF rotation

I can see them go 30-52.

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If they fire Don Nelson,

If they fire Don Nelson, they would be a much better team. He is delaying there young guys' development. I still think it was dumb to draft Curry when they couldve taken a true PG like Jennings. Also, I think Anthony Morrow is a starter in the NBA as a shooting specialist. He shoots very very well, and can make any type of jumper.

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Good post.

I predict 25-30 wins. Chemistry/injury issues will continue to plauge the Warriors.

The Curry/Ellis, Randolph/Wright combos are just asking for trouble.

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