Sleeper team for next season

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Sleeper team for next season

Anyone think who can run the table next year outside of the Lakers, Cavs, Celtics, Magic, or Spurs?

I would say Denver: they had a quiet offseason compaired to others but they still have Billiups and Melo who is only getting better.

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The Blazers finally have a

The Blazers finally have a true point guard in Andre Miller. If Aldridge continues to develop and Oden stays healthy, then we could be looking at a 55+ win team. Alot of Portland fans want Jerryd Bayless to develop into a point guard, but he just looks much more comfortable as a scorer. Miller might be able to help him grow and develop, but he should look for a team that allows him to play his game.

Whenever I hear people talk about Portland, they NEVER bring up Martell Webster. I know he's not a star, but he does have a good amount of potential. He didn't play last year because of a foot injury, but he should be healthy this year. If he stays healthy, then he'll be an upgrade over Travis Outlaw. He's not the athlete that Outlaw is, but he's a better outside shooter and he works harder on defense.

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I agree

I agree with the Portland pick thats all they were missing last season was a point guard I think that they have the talent to challenge all of the elite teams next year.

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