Andre Igudala

do you think he will make the All-Star team next year?

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Nope......Unless he has a

Nope......Unless he has a remarkable first half, then he can make it........He should go in the dunk contest this season, he was robbed last time up

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He wont make it unless Philly has a great first half and Iggy puts up great numbers (something like 22ppg, 6 assts, and 6 rebs). i dont see it happening thouhg. And personally I think next year is when Thaddeus Young takes over for the sixers and becomes the leading scorer. I think Iggy is a great number 3 option. I just think the guy is a bit overated

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I think Andre Igudala is going to put up huge numbers this year with the absence of Andre Miller. Louis Williams is a good young prospect, but in my opinion he needs to fill a few holes in his game to be an effective starting point guard. This being said Igudala will have to make more plays for teammates and handle the ball more. Thaddeus Young's improvement should help with the offensive load, but it wouldn't surprise me if Iggy leads the 76'ers in scoring, assists, and steals but I don't see an all-star year this year especially because i think the 76'ers are going to be a non-playoff team and with Wade, James, Granger, Arenas, Carter, and others having better seasons on better teams. The only way i see him getting in is if a few name players are injured and opt out of the All-Star game

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I think with Miller gone, he

I think with Miller gone, he will breakout and have a huge year.
I think he will get into the all star game as one of the final spots,
I predict a late playoff team, with numbers like 20ppg, 5 apg, 6rpg.

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since iverson has been gone

since iverson has been gone the guy has been averaging 19,5, 6, and 2 steals and you're saying that's a numb er 3 option, how many teams in nba history has had a guy who can get a triple double as a 3rd option.

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My prediction

He will make it. He will put up Caron Butler type numbers from like 2 years back (when he was an All-star). And he isnt a number 3 option, and he isnt overrated. Like the guy above said, how many people fill up the stat sheet like Iguodala and are number 3 options historically? I cant think of anyone. And he isnt overrated because everyone says he is a great all around player with a questionable jumper (which is true). He will get the ball a whole lot next yr and if he picks his spots, passes and rebounds with the same level of effectiveness or higher and continues to defend at the same level he will be an all-star next yr. I think he's a safe bet for 20 ppg. And Thaddeus Young will not ever be a No.1 option in the NBA, and definitely not above Iguodala. He has NOTHING on him at all...

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nope i havent.

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