Magic Johnson or Larry Bird

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Magic Johnson or Larry Bird

Who would you rather build your franchise around?Why?

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Neither, there both like 50

Neither, there both like 50 something

but really, its gotta be Magic, got alot of triple doubles, for his career averaged a double double, and he was a 6'9 Point Guard, but could also play the other 4 positions on the floor

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I think he meant if they

I think he meant if they were still young,
I'd pick Magic

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depends on my roster if i

depends on my roster

if i have a good pg, I want Bird

no pg...i want Magic

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I think it would have to be Magic. Both guys were amazing players, but when you have a guy that can play all 5 positions, you can put any 4 guys around him and get it to work. Of course you probably want him at point guard, but if you have a really good player there you can just slide him over. Very convenient.

I wonder what kind of numbers he would have put up if he was a pf for his whole career.

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Neither, there both like 50 something

lol nah but i have to go Magic too i think there similar in total ability however Magic sells tickets and he revoultionised the game i belive more then any other player in the history i mean come on a 6'9 pg how do you stop that??

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Magic Can Play 5

Magic Can Play 5 Positions......He Can Fill Any Hole, Give Me him and a burger and im set lol

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"Neither there both 50

"Neither there both 50 something"

Hahahah Magicknick I love it. Yeah, I go Magic.

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Jordan was better at picking

Jordan was better at picking up chicks like Fox so id take him. Bird never would do that.

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Larry was a great scorer but

Larry was a great scorer but Magic was a 6'9 point guard that is amazing and he can play all five positons i goota go with magic

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I love the way they transcend the game today and as much as I like Larry Bird's game... I am picking a 6'9 point guard who loves to pass, who loves to smile and be positive all the time... Magic Johnson is such a GREAT point guard... Happy Birthday Magic! Ur awesome...

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This is a timeless question.

This is a timeless question. The only better NBA debate is Russell vs. Chamberlain.

Personally, I'd take Bird by just a hair. Bird was unquestionably the better defender, and he was also a better scorer than Magic, and that could translate into him needing less help. Granted, each played with two other members of the 50 Greatest Players for the majority of their careers.

But really, these two made their teammates so much better it can't really be put into words. They might be the best passers in NBA history.

Right now, I would call Magic and Bird the fifth and sixth greatest players in NBA history, behind Jordan, Abdul-Jabbar, Russell, Chamberlain and absolutely no one else.

In addition, I would argue that it would be almost impossible to seperate the two historically. IF Shaq has a career resurgence and wins a few more rings while playing at a high level, an argument could be made that he'd jump Magic and Bird. But it would be hard for me to believe he would only jump ahead of one of them. 

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To me, he is probably as gifted a basketball player that has ever graced the hardwood. The ultimate winner, any way he played was right. He could have scored more on any other team, and I think he's very underrated defensively. He always played guys who were quicker and still came out on top. I'd say you could make an argument for him as the greatest as HIV robbed him of 5 all-star caliber years. The Joe Dimaggio of basketball, he may actually be underrated because so much of what made him special were his intangibles, but his court presence was something only Jordan could match.

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