Peyton Siva

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Peyton Siva

This high school kid from Seattle is a phenomenal scorer who is more of a DaJuan Wagner molding. Is he an NBA Caliber player? or just a plain solid college kid like a Gerry McNamara who'll never make it into the NBA? His skills are solid enough and impressive enough to be noticed by guys at SLAM... PS3, i thought, would be one of the guys to look at but I don't see him in any mock drafts... He isn't good enough to be in the NBA? I am just asking...

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potentially yes, but not in

potentially yes, but not in the 2010 or 2011 draft

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what it takes

First and Foremost for the vast majority of players trying to make it to the NBA you have to be a top shelf athlete. At your position it would be good if you had height that was comparable to other players that are at that level. Really to succeed at the NBA level you have to be an all around Great Player with a specialty that sets you apart from the rest. Peyton Siva is a good athlete who is a deadly scorer but to play at the nba level he better have the athleticism or something near it of Monta Ellis and be able to play the point. He seems to me to be a scorer and hasnt shown the passing skill set of young point guards who are just struggling to stay in the league.....In short he need to step his game up but he definityly has a chance to make it and make it big depending on how this season at Louisville goes

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Silva doesn't come across as
Silva doesn't come across as the type of guy who leaves after his freshman or sophomore season.
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now being from Seattle, I've watched Siva over the years, played pick up with/against him and he's one heck of a player. He works very hard on his game, very athletic and has a high I.Q. He's a point guard with great quickness and explosiveness but is fundamentally sound. I'd say his biggest knock is outside shooting but I can see him develop that over the years at Louisville. He has the ability to take over games with his scoring but if you look at his past stats, he's never really averaged more than 19 points a game yet his assists numbers are at 7 or 8 and broke a state tournament record for assists in a tournament. Just look at the Mcdonalds game, he had 9 assists but only took 5 shots. Honestly, I think he'll be at Louisville for at least 3 years. He needs to develop his jumper more and fine tune his PG skills but I do see the NBA in his future and I think he's going to flourish under Pitino

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i disagree with the

i disagree with the athletisim part because peyton is very athletic. second he is not of the wagner mold scoring wise...not even close. but he is a very very good player, wouldnt say one and done but i think by the end of year 2 or 3 he will be a first round prospect

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I have only seen him play

I have only seen him play once, in the All Star game and he really impressed me. Unselfish, atheltic and has some flare. Very solid prospect in my eyes.

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After 3 years he will become

After 3 years he will become an NBA player I believe, behind John Wall he's the fastest with the ball in his class, very under-control, like a 44 inch vertical and lovely looking jumpshot with a high basketball IQ under coach Pitino will definitely get him to the NBA I think

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Siva: I like his game

I like Siva and I think he will be an impact player as soon as he steps in at Freedom Hall. He has a great jumper, he's quick, a great athlete & leader, and he can score with the best of them. He also is a more than decent passer. Besides defense (which he honestly isnt very good at) he has everything you'd want in a PG. I like the swag he has on the court and I think he will be a good player, but he should wait until he's at least a JR to leave.

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oh wow... now we are talking

oh wow... now we are talking about pey pey.. i know the dude. He played at Franklin while I played at Kentridge.. The kid is always 5 steps ahead of the game. All you guys have basically got his skills down. I sure hope he makes it to the league because he deserves it.. Hard worker and very teachable..

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lol...pey pey i dont even

lol...pey pey

i dont even think he's gonna get alot of PT this year so he will be at least 2 years in college

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