Is Pau Gasol still soft?

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Is Pau Gasol still soft?

Pau Gasol is still soft just not as soft after this post season. Now he's stats 16.9ppg 9.3rebs 4.0ast in the playoffs 07-08 and these are the player vs Pau (K-mart/Nene,Boozer/Milsap,Duncan,and KG. This past year 18.3ppg 10.8rebs 2.5ast in 08-09 post season. Pau vs(Boozer/Milsap,Scola,K-mart/Nene, and Lewis/dwight sometimes but you see why he's still soft no KG, no Duncan of course his numbers would be up cause he didnt have to go against these more defensive minded player.

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Yes, his type of play is

Yes, his type of play is still finesse and he isn't a guy who likes playing physical.

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not at all

I honestley believe people think he is soft because he is white. The dude plays with passion and just because he sometimes gets knocked down by bigger players does not make him soft. I neve here people labeling Amare soft and that dude never rebounds or plays defense like Gasol. I think Gasol is a top 3 power forward in the league and any GM would love this guy on there team. I'm not being racist its just the facts, people hate on white players more than black players and because Amare and guys like that are more intimidatiing and dunk more than players like Gasol who use their skill and smarts people label them soft which is unfair

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Not because he's white, but

Not because he's white, but because he flops, he puts on extra acting whenever he's fouled, and has a soccer players mentality when it comes to physicality. And trust me, they call a lot of black players soft. Bosh, Aldridge, Vince freakin' Carter, McGrady, Drew Gooden, even Rasheed Wallace to an extent come to mind. On the other hand, do people call Birdman, Przybilla, Nocioni, or Najara soft? No, because they aren't. Once a player has a perceived physical advantage and they don't take advantage of it, they're labeled soft. Thats got nothing to do with the color of someones skin. And Pau is a legit 7 feets tall and 250-260 lbs. Hes got the size of a center, he should use it to his advantage more.

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Still soft

and he's not white

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