Rudy Gay

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Rudy Gay

Will Rudy Gay be an All-Star?

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I don't think so. Maybe in a few years if Memphis adds a bigger piece, but all I see right now is the #6 draft pick next year. :D

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no way

first of all memphis is horrid. Teams that are not that good very seldomliy have allstars. Gay may never make an allstar team unless he learns how to do more than score. It's almost like he runs away from the ball on rebound opportunities, for an easy layup on the fast break.

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not this season

he probably will be later in his career, just not this season, unless memphis surprises everyone and put up a winning season.

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Mabye in three or four years. He took a step back last year because of the unexpected readiness of O.J. Mayo. When the season began, Gay was taking all of the shots, but Mayo quiety took over and became the team's go-to player. Privately, that couldn't have gone well for Mayo's ego. And if you think back to the Vin Baker/Glen Robinson days in Milwaukee in the 90s, there won't be two all-stars from the same team.

Also, there are so many wing players in the NBA who are talented. Artest will probably make the all-star team next year if the Lakers start off hot because of the exspoure and hype.

Gay will either have to step it up or go to a team where he can take 30 shots to score a lot of points.

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i dont think so. i think

i dont think so. i think hell be a good second option but i think Mayo will be better and be the All-Star on that team.

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Gay will make an all star

Gay will make an all star team when he steps up other parts of his game (passing, rebounding, defense)....

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I think he will be at least once, Chris Gatling was a one time all-star. Gay has a lot of talent and although he has some holes in is game, he has made improvements every year. I think it's unfair to say a guy who averaged 19 per game in his 3rd year will never make an all-star team. I agree with a lot of you guys, i think Mayo will be a better player, but i doubt Gay will play with him in Memphis for his entire career. I don't see Gay as a perennial all-star but i bet he gets at least one.

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Not this year

There are many players that are on the verg of an
allstar game

-Andre Iggy
-Gerald Wallace
-Rudy Gay
-D Williams

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I think rudy will make it

I think rudy will make it soon imo all he has to compete with is Bron, Melo and KD, hes working really hard the off season and he is gonna be a beast this season he is 241!!! he will most likely be better then melo very soon so if kd or lebron get injured i think he is a lock in the future

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If Danny Granger couldn't

If Danny Granger couldn't make the all-star team with the numbers that he put up last year, I don't see why Rudy Gay would make the all-star team next year. He'll probably make one or two, but it's not gonna be next year.

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Danny Granger did make the All-star game last year buddy. But anyway, I think Gay will make the all-star game as long as he produces in some other ways besides scoring (like billyk said). He truly is one of the more physically gifted players in basketball and he is more aggressive than I thought he would be on offense, so I think he's well on his way.

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No because melo is gettin in

No because melo is gettin in this year and u got KD ahead of him and other thing why are people talking about Danny Granger he's in the east wat does that have to do with gay?

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