sessions to LAC?

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decent move if they get him

decent move if they get him they could suprise peoplke and maybe evan make the playoffs.

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If they got rid of barons

If they got rid of barons ridiculous contract and added him for the 5.8 a year and they sign a free agent in 2010 they could actually compete

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Will this really happen

Surprising Clips after him since they just took on Butler's contract too

What about that 3rd mysterdy team that was after him?

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NYK2010- That is what I am

NYK2010- That is what I am wondering. I kind of thought Golden State was going to try to get him...I heard they were interested at one point in time. I don't think they could offer him a good enough contract though. I also heard the Warriors were going to try to resign CJ Watson so who knows. The Kings could also be that mystery team....they have the cap space to offer Sessions a quality contract. This of course would only happen if they plan on playing Tyreke Evans at SG. I would think Miami & Indiana could be secretly trying to get him too.

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See thats what the clips get because they push the panic button when they sign B Diddy and now their pushing it again. BD was injured most of last season so what do they do they went out a got Telfair (Trash) and they're trying to get sessions. Now sessions itsnt a all-out breast but he is a starter.

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