New Perry Jones Mix

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New Perry Jones Mix

Alot of you guys were interested to see this guy so here are some good highlights
it's just a mix ,but it is pretty crazy

and here is a great new one of my guy Tony Wroten

and of course John Wall

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that was a great look at his over-all game. The left-handed tip slam at 1:00 looked so effortless, I mean that ina good way. He can bash(slam dunk with authority), but when he's on the fastbreak he takes hella stutter steps and then explodes, he'll learn to eliminate that at the next level. Sky is the limit for that kid

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What position exactly is

What position exactly is this dude?

hes in the lamar odom mold in terms of his versatility

but this site list him as an SF list him as a PF
and ESPN says hes a Center

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I would imagine he is a 3/4,

I would imagine he is a 3/4, his handling and frame are more meant for the perimeter and not the post in the NBA.

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Jones Video

The look on the dudes face at 1:20 is priceless lol

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all the mixes was sick perry

all the mixes was sick perry jones is better than what i thought he was he got sick handles and he can dunk but his jumper needs improvement other than that skys the limit. Tony Wroten got some sick passes great crossovers i think he need to make the full job to becoming a true pont guard he has more potential in that position wroten is a better athlete than i expect need more range on his jumper. John Wall is just great.

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