2nd round shooter ?

Who will average more points in their rookie season? Budinger or Meeks? Who is the better player in the end?

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Sorry to not give you the answer you want, but I'd say out of any second round SG, I'd take Marcus Thornton, especially with Rasual Butler gone now.

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no doubt. budinger is just as good a shooter, more athletic and longer. he needs to work on his d and not being such a softy.

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I like Meeks' future in the

I like Meeks' future in the NBA, he will be a 2nd or 3rd option in the L when it said and done. I think Marcus Thornton will have a Willie Green type role (4th or 5th option) at the most.

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This year, Thornton will get

This year, Thornton will get tons of time with the Butler trade.
Budinger will be pretty good this year with more time than Meeks.
But if Redd gets hurt, meeks gets lots of time too.
I like Meeks in the future.

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Meeks all day

Meeks all day. He is instant offense. At UK, he had to roll off screen after screen to get open. If he is the 3rd or 4th option for the bucks and defenses give him daylight... he is going to hurt teams..... fast. He might not be able to create his own shot all of the time, but he doesn't need much room to get his shot off. Him and Redd coexisting is going to be fun. It's about to rain in Milwaukee.

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unbelieveable choice

for me ll score many points beaubois 12 pt and4 assist

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I think Meeks and Redd are going to light it up together with Jenning getting them the ball where they want it, because thats what he does. I also think Budinger will score a lot, but must improve his overall game and effort on D.

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Budinger has more physical tools and is closer to a complete player then meeks is, meeks reminds me of someone like charlie bell who could shoot but didn't put it together for a few years.

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