Tyreke evans or James harden

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Tyreke evans or James harden

Did the thunder make the right choice by drafting James harden with the 3rd pick. Harden is a two who could play spot minuets at pg. Tyreke I think befor it's all said and done will be a two that handles the ball alot like d Wade. Had the thunder drafted Evans they would have had two guys who share the one and the two positions I think helping both Westbrook who many think may better at the two. I know they both struggle shooting the ball from deep but mid range jumper are good enough and will only get better. Both are ungaurdable off the bounce. James harden on the other hand will be spotting up in the corner alot waiting on durant and Westbrook to pass out of trouble, Which should make the game very easy for a guy with his skill level. He also doesn't need the ball as much as Evans to be effective. I think this could be the top guard rivalry of this draft class for many years to come. Question proposed: who has the better rookie season, who has the better career, who is the better defender? What do u think?

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Harden is a way better

Harden is a way better player IMO... Down the line tyreke might pass him, but IMO other than maybe griffin, not many players are smoother than harden.

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I think Tyreke is a better

I think Tyreke is a better player, but James Harden fits better with that OKC team

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Harden fits their style

Harden fits their style Evans is a better fit for SAcremento where he will be on a bad team and will score a lot. but i think Harden will be a good third or fourth option for them.

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I'm not a big Harden fan,

I'm not a big Harden fan, too bad he was drafted by Oklahoma City (about 60 miles from where I'm at). He cool, a nice lefty player, but come on. Tyreke is a future all-star. That kid can play. And he's fearless. The way he wasn't scared to take clutch shot, he reminded me of Ron Mercer and Toby Bailey their freshmen years in college. Evens just took it to the basket against Missouri and they couldn't do anything.

Dhamp...the greatest basketball mind in the world. Next to Hubie Brown anyway.

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I think James Harden

I think James Harden was the best pick for OKC becuz he is not a guy who needs the ball in his hands like Tyreke. That takes a way from KD being KD. Also, he has a high basketball IQ and is a crafty guard that can create scoring oppertunities for others. He, along wih Pendergraph, put ASU on their backs to make the tournament, which shows his leadership and maturity at a young age. James may have the better rookie season becuz all of the defense will be around stopping KD, Jeff, and Russ. While Tyreke is like one of the best, if not the best, players on his team. James is a decent defender who will get better with time and playing with future all-stars, he may have the better career off the bat, but if the Kings keep getting lottery picks, they could get some great players and become a contender one day, so we'll have to wait and see in the next few years.

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i dont feel that would have

i dont feel that would have been the best fit either seeing as evans is more of a slasher and not that great of a shooter plus he has shown so far hes more effictive when he is a main option rather then a 3rd-4th option. plus i feel harden will be the better player, i just feel he is a better well rounded player.

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James Harden comes off to me

James Harden comes off to me as a potential championship caliber player. He plays solid D, can create shots for himself and hit them, and he never EVER takes bad shots. He also if capable of playing PG. Evans is more of a guy that slashes to the rim and creates turnovers, but he is more of a stat producer than a truly effective player. Thats why I take Harden.

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Imo Tyreke is the better

Imo Tyreke is the better player but Harden was the better fit for OKC.

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Is the more explosive scorer, but Harden will fit into a system and still find ways to score a lot and not ruin the Offenses fluidity. If I need a explosive scorer I take Tyreke. If I need a do it all player I go with Harden. I think Harden will shoot it more efficiently which is important to me.

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although, he also will need to work on his shot.

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