Better rookie year?

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Better rookie year?

who will have the better rookie year between stephen Curry or tyreke Evans?

Stephen Curry is a great shooter with a good handle and he is a underrated passer in the golden st offense he could be rookie of the year with their run n gun offense.
Rookie Stats: In my opinion

Tyreke Evans is a big point guard with a long wingspand and he is a great slasher he reminds me of penny hardaway without the jumpshot and penny has been training him this summr to become a point guard if anyone could help him its penny. I still think tyreke is shooting guard i think he will start from day 1 his competition is Beno Udrih i think tyreke and kevin martin could be a good scoring backcourt.
Rookie Stats: In my opinion

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have 2 go with evans he will

have 2 go with evans he will get more playing time then curry but curry season aint going to b that bad

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I really dont think Don

I really dont think Don Nelsons gonna play Stephen Curry alot...hes kind of known to "under-use" rookies, and I don see Curry being any different, not too mention the Warriors have a crowded backcourt

I see Curry getting about 20mpg, and Evans getting about 30, which is a big difference

And on the other hand you have Sacramentos giant backcourt, with Tyreke Evans being guarded by, and guarding guys that are barely 6'0 on average

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Tyreke Evans is impressive

Tyreke Evans is impressive to me. I liked what I saw from him in the SL. He has a crazy 1st step and he is a crafty and strong finisher at the rim. He cant shoot and isnt a PG, but he is going to light up the scoreboards and make plays on D to create points. I like him.

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