Pau Gasol

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Pau Gasol

(slow news day)

Congrats to Pau for injuring his finger! Let's see if it's worse than expected. But if it is, then Lake Show fans need not to worry, for Andrew Bynum and his knees of steel will save the day for fans everywhere!

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True Bynum does have knees of steal

Another Laker with a finger injury this time when they lose in the playoffs ppl will blame it on that, just like fools who blamed Kobe's pinky injury for losing to the Celtics in 08. Bynum yeah he's good fo 20 mins and 5 fouls a game.

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you guys are just using this

you guys are just using this as an excuse to hate on the Lakers. Pau hurt a finger on his left hand, has already had surgery and is expected to still play for his national team this summer. Nothing to really worry about. And Bynum, when healthy, is far better then 20 minutes and 5 fouls. Go back and watch how he played before those injuries. And to NYK2010, the lakers lost to the Celtics without 2 starters, it is kinda a legit argument, just like Boston Celtics fans argue that they would have won the title if KG was healthy last season.

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Bynum does foul too much,

Bynum does foul too much, but to say he's good for 20 min and 5 fouls makes him sound like he's Jason Collins or something. You failed to mention his 15 ppg, 10-11 rebs, and 2 blks. And his vast array of post moves and the presence he has on the court.

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