athletes from your highschool

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athletes from your highschool

What athletes, if any, have gone the farthest in sports. This could be all-time or when you were there.

Best athlete all time from my highschool was probably the golfer Corey pavin. Best while I was there was probably a football player named Jacob Rogers who was an all american center for the national champions USC Trojans and an eventual 2nd round pick by the Cowboys. Just surious to hear if any of you had some succesful athletes from your school.

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what he said^

what he said^

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Louie Sakoda, from branham

Louie Sakoda, from branham high school in san jose, he was a kicker for the utah utes

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What year did you graduate from Branham, cause I played basketball at De Anza college with a kid name Bryan Adams that went to Branham.....

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My highschool had Cherilyn Pounder on the Women's Canadian Olympic Hockey Team and she won gold. Does that count?

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i go to the findlay prep so

i go to the findlay prep so i gess maybe avery bradley

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anything counts. Even if no one watched her, she has an Olympic Gold which is good in my book.

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I have a couple notibles

Marquis Kately. Played for Cal a couple years back him and Leon Powe were tearing it up their first couple years together
Eric Wright. I think he's the #1 corner for the Browns. He went to USC and got kicked out but he's a stud DB
Donald Strickland. Bounced around the NFL last year he was with his hometown niners but now I think he's elsewhere

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Garner High School

David West went to my high school....he's the only basketball player that comes to mind.
Chris Culliver went to my high school he starts at safety for South Carolina.
And Josh Oglesby is a running back for Virginia Tech.

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Tommy Harris Chicago

Tommy Harris Chicago Bears
Micheal Jameson Cleveland Browns
My cousin played with Kendrick Perkins At Clifton J Ozen HS
My other cousin played with Stephen Jackson at Lincoln HS

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Wayne Chapman, Rex's

Wayne Chapman, Rex's father.

Tyrone Hopson, last about 2 years in the NFL with 49ers and Lions.

Darrell Waltrip, is he really considered an athlete though?

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Marc Davidson

Marc Davidson played at U of I and then transfered to Trinity International then played professionally in France.

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i thnk

some bench player on ravens went to my high school
and u might not know him but tyler siedman
he went to my middle school
he played in isreal few weeks bak for usa basketball hes prolly going to nba

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rock island high school

don nelson, pete mickeal (drafted to the nba, didn't play), and a junior named chasson randle goes there right now, he played in argentina for the 16 and under USA team.

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Dan Gadzuric, my boy Rob Francois is a rookie on the Vikings right now

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When I was there, just these

When I was there, just these few..

Pat Phelps...played football at Boston College
John Robertson...Played football at Kansas St
Andy Eby...Played football at Kansas St...also heard he made the Packers practice squad a few years back
a few crappy JUCO basketballers there too but not much...

guess my name could have made the list if I had not been a fool...

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before i was there

Sanquin player brother of james starks


paul harris
jonny flynn

tyrell lynch

rob garrison

miguel respress

kelvin agee

jeff parmer ...............lot of good players.

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Roberto Clemente HighSchool Chicago Victor Diaz of Mets

Only one that i can remember when i was in school was Victor Diaz he played baseball for my highschool and he went on to play in the MLB for the Mets.

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Petersburg High School

Moses Malone and Mark West went to my high school... I think thats pretty notable

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best from my school

i from malden,ma so breno giacomini for football and play for the nfl packer,dan ross a former nfl player and for basketball egi gjikondi

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Black Knights

My highschool had Andray Blatch of the Washington Wiz. He was a sophmore when I was a senoir but they won the NY state title in 2002, when he was promoted from JV to varisty.

We also had some football player from my highschool who was the 4th string WR for the Bucs when they won the superbowl. I can't think of his name but he was the biggest name in my highschool at the time being.

Home of the Black Knights.

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I Graduated with Jeff Kent

Future HOFer - was a jerk then too (Jehovah's Witness and his dad was a cop- very unfriendly) and he sported that ridiculous &$#%#[email protected]! stache in high school too.

Edison High - Huntington Beach - Surf City - CA

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I don't know if this really

I don't know if this really counts but I went out with Bob Tway's(pga) daughter, haha and shannon miller the gold medal gymist went to my high school

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warwick high school

Michael Vick
Marcus Vick
PE teacher was Tommy Reamon played in NFL
Brendan Hill- played for Va tech

same district as ronald curry, elton brown, allen iverson, duke crews, tony rutland and many others!!!!

i had to create an acct just for this

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Oklahoma Christian School

Blake and Taylor Griffin

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North Central High School

Todd Licklighter - Played basketball at NC and wound up eventually playing college ball at Butler University. He wasn't a great player, but he eventually ended up coaching at Butler. He was an assistant at Butler under two great coaches (Barry Collier and Thad Matta). He became the head coach in 2001 after Matta left for Xavier. He's now the head coach at Iowa.

Lars Tate - Big time football player (running back) who was named the 1985 Gatorade National High School Offensive Player of the Year. He played for the University of Georgia and was drafted by Buccanneers in the second round of the 1988 draft. He also played for the Bears.

Maicel Malone-Wallace - She was a beast in track in field. She won like 11 state titles while at NC. She was the 1996 Olympic Games gold medalist in the women's 4 x 400 meters relay for the United States. She's currently the head track and field coach at Florida A&M.

Derrick Mayes - Big time football player who went on to play wide receiver at Notre Dame. He played three seasons at Notre Dame and held the school record for touchdown receptions. He was drafted in the second round by the Packers in 1996. He also played for the Seahawks.

Jason Gardner - HUGE high school basketball player. He led NC to the class 4A State Championship and won Mr. Basketball of Indiana during his senior year. He was a McDonald's All-American and went on to play four years at Arizona where he had a very productive career. He wasn't drafted by the NBA, but has had a nice career overseas. I went to middle school and high school with him, so I got to see a lot of his games.

Courtney Roby - FAST/Electric football player who went on to play wide receiver at Indiana. He's actually in my class, so I grew up competing against him in sports. He played four seasons at Indiana where he broke most of the records. He was drafted by the Tennessee Titans in the third round of the 2005 NFL Draft. He's played with the Titans, Bengals, Colts and now is currently playing with the Saints.

Jordan Seabrook - Big time soccer player (one of the fastest dudes I've ever seen) who's now playing proffesionally for Crystal Palace Baltimore. He was the 51st pick in the 2009 MLS SuperDraft by Colorado Rapids.

Eric Gordon - The best basketball player to come out of NC. Now with the Clips.

Other guys from NC:

David Wolf - Astronaut
Babyface - Singer/Songwriter
Jared Fogle - The subway guy

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I went to school with Chris

I went to school with Chris Johnson, he played center for LSU and is their second all time leading shot blocker behind Shaq. I was disapointed he didn't get drafted this year.

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Went to suitland for a couple months a tranferred, so I guess that still counts

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Towson High School

Michael Phelps went to my high school, bout as big as they come. Was in same graduating class as his sister.

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High School

Matt Bowen is a backup safety that's bounced around the NFL, not sure where he is now. A top 50 OL recruit from this year is going to Notre Dame for football. Also, John Shurna on Northwestern and the US U19 team went to my school.

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I graduated for Detroit

I graduated for Detroit SouthWestern, Class of 99'. Jalen Rose, Voshawn Lenard, Howard Eisley, and Anderson Hunt all played on the same team back in the late 80' early 90's. They all played NBA ball except Hunt but he did star a UNLV.

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I ahven't even gone to High School yet, but some people that have are:

Shaun Livingston
D.A. Weibring-PGA
and some Carla something in gymnastics for the Olympics

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GREG POPOVICH. merrillville, indiana.

head coach of the san antonio spurs

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archbishop curley h.s.

santino quaranta (usa soccer player)

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dont noe if it counts but..

bill bradley once came to my catholic school

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Bryce McNaul: Linebacker for

Bryce McNaul: Linebacker for Northwestern or Purdue, I forgot
Blake Sorenson: Starter OLB for Wisconsin
Ryan Orton: OL for Minnesota
Ryan Grant: QB for Minnesota
Carter Bykowski: TE for Iowa State
Willie Mobley: DT for Ohio State
Ethan Wragge: F Will be freshmen for Creigton next year
Jay Foreman: NFL linebacker
Mark Brown (I think): NFL OL
Kris Humphries: NBA F (transferred away from my school as a freshmen)

Gage Shaeffer: D1 athlete for football
Brett Ervin: D1 G/F but could play D1 WR too
Rumeal Harris: D1 WR

I know there are more but I can only think of those.

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Chris Whitney- played for the Wizards in the NBA as well as a few other teams

Scotty Hopson- currently starting at SG/SF for Tennessee, look for him to step his game up this season

Tyshawn Edmondson- currently plays for St. Johns

Lamont Barnes- played for Temple in college...spent most of his pro career overseas

Greg Buckner- everybody knows him

Isiah Victor- played college for Tennesse, spent some time in the DLeague & overseas

I remember watching all these guys play in high school except for Whitney who is quite a bit older than me. All these guys of course pretty much dominated in high school. I am probably forgetting somebody.


Artose Pinner- played in the NFL running back for the Lions, also played for a couple other teams, played for Kentucky in college

Curtis Pulley- played QB for Kentucky in college until he transferred to Florida A&M where he currently still is I believe. he was a real good basketball player in high school too

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