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Hey everyone, I know I have been gone awhile but for good reason! I had a contract in LA and Ive stopped by vegas and Kansas city to check out the aau talent.

Harrison barnes- he was the biggest dissapointment of my trip.... Not because of play but because of lack there of. Barnes has not played aau ball this year! He wanted to focus on high school and the national team. But that is good for him. I talked to his old aau coach in KC.

Labryan Nash- he is my favorite prospect in the 2011 class! This kid is phenomenol in my oppinion. He has a great all around game. As far as NBA potentional I'm not sure if he could be a star as of right now but this kid will be a great college player!

Anthony "Tony" Wroten Jr.- has a very impressive game. I like this sites comparison to James Harden. Although I think he shows off his athletic abilities more often than Harden. Hopefully he will go to a big school where he will get alot of attention. (he most likely will)

Marquis Teague- has a GREAT game! Look for him to be a better prospect than his brother! He is just as quick and explosive with a better jumpshot and better passing skills!

This is all I will post for right now. It is very difficult to type alot on an iPhone. But I shall be posting more often.

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