Tim Ducan

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Tim Ducan

How many years does Tim Ducan have in him? Will he finish his career in SA Spurs?


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2-3 before injuries start occuring and putting him down for good. he's 33 now i believe, i'd say this is his last 20/10 year we'll see of him

i think he'll finish out with the spurs.

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sounds good

i agree with the 2-3 yrs. and yea ur right he is 33

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the way he plays

may be longer than 3. that backboard shot is a silent killer that we will see more of the more he say 4 years at least.

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2 Years after this season whether it be Injuries or just old age.
This year probably will be his last 20-10 as stated above. After that...hard to predict.
Of course, he will be finishin with the Spurs and then be the "Greatest Spur of All-Time"
Hall of Famer for sure.

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Greatest PF of all time

He's easily the greatest,but his knees are starting to become chronic ailments. I'd say maybe another year after this before they completely break down.

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3-4 Years

I think he has 3 to 4 years left in him, but I think he probably only has two good years left. The rest I think are going to be going downhill if he chooses to keep going. The one thing to his advantage is that his game was never based on quickness or athleticism. Most of it was from him just being smarter than the other guys and being very skilled. I think if he goes past his contract that he will come back for cheap. Same with Ginobli. I think both are loyal, but both understand they are getting older and their bodies are breaking down. Of course he retires as a Spur. I'm just wondering if Popovich decides to leave when Duncan goes.

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1 good year

I think we have 1 good year left in Duncan.
Although his knee problems are bad, I do beleive that Tim is humble enough to take a bench role for the Spurs once DeJuan Blair or Ian Mahimi is ready. Tim would make a mean bench player, don't you think?

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I think he has 3-4 years left in him at an all-star caliber level. He should definitely retire a Spur and go down as the greatest pf ever.

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Tim Duncan will never see

Tim Duncan will never see the bench. He will bow out with the Spurs and go down as one of the greatest PF's to ever play the game. He's won championships and I dont see him going anywhere else. But I agree 2-3 years of 20/10, the man has never been overly athletic and he is by far the most fundamentally sound player we will see for a long time.

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4 or 5 years seem more right

4 or 5 years seem more right especially if the Spurs get a big man to help carry the load like Duncan did for David Robbinson. He may be 33 but Duncan did 4 years in college and had that one lock out shorten season. He has just been injuried but i think people are writing him off to quick.

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4 season

Definately he has 4 very good years left, he has plenty of big men around him right now. He's never missed more than 20 games in the reg. season even. Should have a lot of rest as they will be blowing out a lot of bad teams this year with an improved offense.

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i think if Blair can develop

i think if Blair can develop he might be able to take some of the load off Duncan and he will lst longer. yeah i agree this will probably be his last 20-10 season though.

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