International Leagues

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International Leagues

Linas Kleiza and Von Wafer are mediocre NBA players but they've signed for good money overseas. In the next 20 years do you feel their could be an international league that rivals the NBA in talent and financial production? As the sport of basketball grows so does the profitability, people are sports fanatics we love fast sports like football, basketball, and especially soccer. Owners are seeing growing demand of support for basketball teams overseas, and since European countries are so connected, I feel that their will be a league created that could rival the NBA in the coming years. If this were to happen would international prospects still want to come to the NBA...... would players want to stay home, when they can get paid a couple million more somewhere else...... this is a possibility if the league can get sponsors and television deals. I like that the NBA is the leading basketball organization in the world, and that players from all over would love to come over hear and get into the league. It would suck if players like Nowitzki, Ginobilli, or Parker would stay closer to home that come to America to play basketball. I like having the opportunity to go to an arena and watch great international players play the game. However, if there's a league overseas that has the financial capabilities of the NBA and good sponsorships I don't feel international players will come as much, and many more talent American players will go overseas. Think about it, how would you feel if players like Chris Paul, Kobe Bryant, and Kevin Durant left the NBA to go play overseas?

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I would be mad for a little

I would be mad for a little while if some of the key guys went overseas, but then I'd get over it. I would never watch a Euroleague game before I'd watch an NBA game. It would take more than 3 or 4 key players to make be stop watching the NBA

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If guys like LeBron and Wade

If guys like LeBron and Wade went overseas....then I would be a little upset and it would damage the NBA

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i think

if some good players went overseas, they would be the ones hurting. i think they would be commiting finanical suicide. guys like lbj and wade need to be on t.v. to be marketable. why go to europe? i think thats why jennings was drafted lower than he should have. t.v. is a very powerful thing. the american way of life revolves around the media. i mean if a player is the greatest in the world, but he is not seen, who cares. the european may seem bigger, but the endorsments are way lower. only bums go to euroe so they can make more money because they are not marketable in the u.s. so might as well go for the most money,right?

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I'm from Lithuania and even i think that Linas wasn't worth the money he will get in Greece... i mean, Olympiakos could've gotten 3 quality european guys for that price lol... you don't have to overpay for a guy just because he played in the nba... well except if you're from Greece lol... Now about the "key guys"... if the owner of some team in eurpoe like Olympiakos, Real madrid or maybe CSKA is crazy enaugh to pay like 50 million $, then one or two key guys could leave nba for europe, but that would be it... NBA is more about busines and euroleague is more about basketball, and until that changes, no team in europe will be able to pay the money guys get in NBA...

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The Euroleague is already a

The Euroleague is already a legit rival to the NBA. Just because Americans know nothing about it, does not change that fact.

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