Shannon Brown

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Shannon Brown

Does anyone think he can be a starting pg for the lakers when fisher leaves

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I think

He can they depth @ pg is extremely weak, but knowing phil jackson he prolly keeps fisher starting bcuz of experience and chemistry

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The fact that they resigned

The fact that they resigned him this summer is/was a big vote of confidence. His problem however is that I think Phil will retire before or at the same time as Fisher. And while Brown fits the Phil Jackson PG mold well, you have to question how well he will transition with whoever the new coach is down the road.

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I Brown will get a lot of

I Brown will get a lot of minutes at the point guard position this year. He may even start as Fisher will finish most games. Fisher is old and will not be playing many season minutes so that he can continue to be clutch in the playoffs. Also I am sure that the coach to follow Phil will be someone already on the staff so that he can continue with the Lakers running the same stuff because it would be stupid to change everything until Kobe can not play anymore.

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Yes is he has it in him

yeah he is young and look at his competion and he has a lot of potenial if he goes 100% this offseason he'll get it

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yea i think getting resigned, I think that means Farmar is almost good as gone and it shows the Lakers have faith in him. Brown is a good fit for the triangle and has shown excellent promise when given minutes. Plus with a whole training camp with the triangle, he can get more comfortable with learning the system thus boosting his confidence level

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shannon brown

I think he'll start 1day u gotta remember that outta that 03 klass he was 3rd/4th in front of chris paul/behind. So he's got the talent & the Zen Master will help him use it more then Larry Brown ever did

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i see him as a really good 3rd point guard. He is a perfect fit behind farmar and fisher. He could possibly start on a really bad team but starting him on the Lakers wouldnt work. As long as Kobe is there you need a fisher type to start. Someone who is clutch, and can hit the open J, and never turns the ball over, hits the open man, and is experienced. He has the talent to start, and the athleticism, but those two qualities aren't everything, when Fisher is gone they will bring someone in from free agency.

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Big PGs

Phil loves big PGs

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Brown is an overrated fool

Another talented guy Larry Brown passed up on, he makes the Knicks trade Ariza to Orl and than gets rid of Brown.

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farmar is ass

farmar is ass

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Brown didnt play point guard

Brown didnt play point guard at Michigan State so he would have to learn the position still. Would work in Triangle but in another system he will need more development.

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agreed with bad boys... 'pg'

agreed with bad boys... 'pg' is not important in the triangle...brown can definitely handle the role

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Let him start

They would be very smart to get Brown PT. He isnt a natural PG, but he does hit open shots, finishes very well at the rim, and has a nice jumper. On top of that he is the best defender the Lakers have at the PG spot. Fisher and to a lesser extent Farmar had ALOT of trouble keeping up with Aaron Brooks in the playoffs and Rajon Rondo in the Finals in 2008. Brown is good at covering the really quick players, which is 1 of many reasons why he deserves PT.

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will get abused by the faster gaurds in the west. Fisher is also getting way to slow, I think the front office will see this and make a midseason trade to upgrade the pg position.

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In case you haven't noticed, Brown is a great athlete, especially for his size & strength. He lacks experience, confidence, & consistent play. If he can step up some this season, it could help the Lakers greatly. Fisher really hurt the Lakers for the most part, sure he hit big shots, thanks to Kobe. However he was abused by every PG in the playoffs. As of know, Brown is the Lakers future at point.

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Fisher's minutes should drop to around 18 mpg next season while Farmar and Brown battle it out for minutes. Personally, while I agree Brown is the better defender and he has a style that fits well with the triangle, I'm still leaning towards Farmar right now. I think he is a slightly better shooter, and he is definitely better at handling the ball and breaking down defenses in both full court and half court situations. Too many people are already writing Farmar off.

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Shannon Brown is a super athlete who can really run the floor and provide a great spark off the bench, and i think that is what his role will continue to be for the Lakers. I don't think they are grooming him to take over and start for the team, but i think his playoff performance insured him more minutes next year as a 6-8th man off the bench, but despite his athleticism, i'd have to think the Lakers coming off an NBA championship would address their next point guard through free agency or trades, and not put all their chips in on a guy who i like as a player and has a lot of promise, but has really only had one good playoff performance. I absolutely believe that he will have an increased role with the Lakers next year, but i in now way believe he is being groomed to take over at point guard for them. Phil won't even be around in LA when he hypothetically would be ready to take over anyway.

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