If you were an NBA GM...

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If you were an NBA GM...

If you were an NBA GM and your goal was to win it all in 5 years, out of these player combos, who would you take, and why (optional).

1. Dwight Howard or Kevin Durant
2. Pau Gasol or Al Jefferson
3. Andrew Bynum or Blake Griffin
4. Russel Westbrook or OJ Mayo or Eric Gordon
5. Lebron James or (Kobe Bryant and Jason Kidd)
6. Ben Wallace or Reggie Evans
7. Anderson Varajao or Chris "Birdman" Andersen
8. Chris Paul or Deron Williams or Derrick Rose
9. Lamar Odom or Anthony Randolph
10. Steph Curry or Michael Redd
11. Eddy Curry or Stephon Marbury
12. Vince Carter or Hedo Turkoglu
13. Jose Calderon or TJ Ford
14. Monta Ellis or Jason Terry
15. Josh Howard or Jeff Green
16. Ricky Rubio or Johnny Flynn or Brandon Jennings
17. Hasheen Thabeet or Kwame Brown
18. Kevin Martin or Ben Gordon
19. Andre Iguadala or Thadeus Young
20. Allen Iverson or Ramon Sessions

Remember, you're taking these players as they are right now and factoring in how they can help your team in the next 5 years. Have fun!

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Gimme Durant and Dwight.

Gimme Durant and Dwight.

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YES..HOWARD AND DURANT..Would be my picks...I wouldn't pick Big Ben Wallace and Evans unless i'll be looking for guys i want on my side in a street fight

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