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what hapened to him i thought some one here said he was signing with the knicks
any1 no

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Don't believe everything that you read. A lot of people here get a little too excited and start saying things that may or may not be true.

It helps to ask for a link or some sort of proof next time somebody has "Breaking News".

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No one ever said it was

No one ever said it was official

But basically the Knicks are his main interest, and his agent and Donnie Walsh can't agree to terms on a contract

Hes still negotiating with the Clippers, but hes not too interested in coming off the bench behind Baron Davis, even if he is on the trade block

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I don't think he really

I don't think he really cares, as long as he's getting the most $$ possible. Agree with butidont- don't believe everything you hear... a lot of it is just jockeying for leverage. If the Knicks think that he's going to get a sign-trade with the clips, than they're more likely to up the offer. Last I heard, he was closer to a deal with the clippers, so I'm gonna guess he'll end up in NY.

I personally think the Bucks are foolish if the don't match an offer for the mid-level. I think he can play alongside BJ against smaller backcourts and that'd allow BJ to learn to play some off-the-ball. And, he's a good insurance policy in case BJ doesn't end up panning out.

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The Knicks will sign him if

The Knicks will sign him if they can get a trade through. They are working on that now. Sessions and his agent are using the Clippers as leverage. They want to go to New York but they want the price to be right.

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