Hoops Prodigy: Andre Drummond

Fri, 08/07/2009 - 11:15pm

Every few years a prospect comes along with the potential to take the NBA by storm. In recent years we’ve seen LeBron James, Dwight Howard and Chris Paul revolutionize the game at their respective positions, with two others, Kevin Durant and Derrick Rose threatening to do the same.

Andre DrummondAndre Drummond Meet Andre Drummond.

In two days, on August 10th, Drummond will turn 16 years old. In Orlando during the AAU Super Showcase on July 27th, Drummond announced his presence to the world putting on a dazzling display of speed, explosive leaping ability, length and agility creating a huge stir about his potential.

While there are a number of bigtime talents at the high school level including 6’11 wing
Perry Jones, 6’8 wing Harrison Barnes (2010) and 6’6 wing Michael Gilchrist (2011), Drummond has elevated himself to the top of the heap at the high school level.

Scouts are calling him one of the best prospects that they’ve seen at his age in years. Drummond is a 6-10, 245 “man child” with strength and aggressiveness to play inside with excellent timing on shot blocking and rebounds. His athleticism and length (7-foot-2 wingspan) are at an elite level for a high schooler, and he shows an eagerness to improve.

Potential is a dangerous word. And with all the hype that’s sure to come his way in the next few years, it will be Drummond’s responsibility not to let the media blitz and hoopla get to his head. With such immense size and physical gifts, the game comes incredibly easy to him, so it’s up to him to continue to challenge himself each day to improve, develop his skills and maximize his abilities.

Drummond is already somewhere between 6'10 and 6'11, and with a size 18 shoe, he could top out well over 7-feet before he’s finished growing.

Drummond can use his physical talents alone to overpower players on the high school level over the next three years, but it would be wise for him to develop skills that will benefit his long term ability, such as developing a midrange shot and polishing his post moves.

Andre DrummondAndre Drummond As a freshman at Capital Prep (CT), Drummond averaged 12.7 ppg, 11.9 rpg and 6.5 blocks per game. He’s also grown 2-3 inches since his freshman year, so look for those numbers to dramatically increase in his sophomore year at St. Thomas More (CT).

Andre helped the U16 USA National Team bring back Gold from Argentina, as one of three players from the (sophomore) class of 2012 on the team. The rest of the team was comprised of rising juniors. Drummond was the 6th leading scorer averaging 8.6 ppg, and 6.8 rpg in 12 mpg.

Andre Drummond, a name you’re sure to hear a lot more of in the coming weeks, months and years and the odds on favorite to be the #1 pick in 2013.

Early #1 Pick Projections:

2010 Draft – John Wall
2011 Draft – Harrison Barnes
2012 Draft – Michael Gilchrist
2013 Draft – Andre Drummond


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Offline always ammused when always ammused when players are projected as number one picks this early in there career and then more likely then not they end up not being number one picks when the time comes with the exception of the sure things liek lebron and dwight howard. i remeber ya'll saying bj mullins was suppossed to be the number one pick also back when he was a jr then again when he was a sr. ive watched micheal gilchrist a couple of times and although talented and he pretty much does everything well he doesnt do anything great nor does he have that fire or it factor, as a matter of fact he reminds me alot of jason capel at that age

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2011 class

is not 100% yet that drummond will reclassify for the 2012 class or he wiil stay in the 2011 highschool class.i think that the second wiil happen and he wiil be among the top 3 picks in the 2012 nba draft.To me he has more pro potencial tha m.gilchrist

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One word

KNEES 7-footer+Athleticism=injuries

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Ok, the kid is 16, perhaps

Ok, the kid is 16, perhaps we should delay some of the hype?

The Hoops Manifesto
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Imagine being that big (size wise) at such a young age - crazy! Now the question is, will he finish out his full high school career or jump overseas? The NBA has created that monster with their age limit.

Jeff Fox

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He may be that good but aren't we getting a bit ahead of ourselves here? I certainly wish him well but I also hope that he works hard in school and does not depend upon being one of the top picks. online casino

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ive seen him in play in person. our varsity played him in the conference finals last season nd he had 25 pts nd 25 reb. we won the game but this guy is dominant. but our biggest guy is about 6'6 nd he didnt do much. but drummond is supposed to be a junior. wen we played them last year he was a sophmore but because he transferred to St Thomas More he stayed back. this kid is the real deal.

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I was feeling confused when

I was feeling confused when I read that one of three players from the (sophomore) class of 2012 on the team, the rest of the team was comprised of rising juniors. Last year he was a sophmore but because he transferred to St Thomas More he stayed back.

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