All-american teams for the 2009-10 season

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All-american teams for the 2009-10 season

These are my early predictions for the All-american teams in college basketball. It's tough to predict what the freshmen are gonna do but I'm almost certain that John Wall and Derrick Favors will do good things in their first(and probably only) year in school
First Team:
C Cole Aldrich
PF Luke Harangody
SF Al-Farouq Aminu
SG Evan Turner
PG John Wall

Second Team:
C Cole Aldrich
PF Derrick Favors
SF Kyle Singler
SG/PG Greivis Vasquez
PG Sherron Collins

Third Team
C Jarvis Varnardo
PF Patrick Patterson
SF Gordon Hayward
SG Patrick Christopher
PG Kalin Lucas

So many good players left out. Who would you put?

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Sheron Colins Will be on the

Sheron Colins Will be on the first team......John wall is getting too hyped up

I also never Knew You Can Make 2 teams.....Cole Aldrich?

the barron
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my bad

It's late I didn't notice I had put Cole Aldrich twice. I think Greg Monroe of Georgetown should have a good season so I'll add him to this list.

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I agree with Guru....Wall on

I agree with Guru....Wall on the 1st team?

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First TeamG-Sherron

First Team
G-Sherron Collins
G-Willie Warren
F-Derrick Favors
F-Luke Harangody
C-Cole Aldrich

Second Team
G-Avery Bradley
G-Greivis Vasquez
F-Al-Farouq Aminu
F-Ed Davis
F-Greg Monroe

Third Team
G-John Wall
G-Elliot Williams
F-Devin Ebanks
F-Damion James
C-Jarvis Vanardo

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1st team
G: Sherron Collins
G: Evan Turner
F: Paul George
F: Luke Harangody
C: Cole Aldrich

2nd team
G: John Wall
G: Willie Warren
F: Kyle Singler
F: Derrick Favors
F: Aminu

3rd team
G: Kalin Lucas
G: Vasquez
F: Damion James
F: Ed Davis
C: Varnado

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All-American 1st team. C:

All-American 1st team.

C: Cole Aldrich.

Pf: Ed Davis.

Sf: Al-Farouq Aminu.

Sg: Evan Turner.

Pg: Scottie Reynolds.

All-American 2st team

C:Greg Monroe.

Pf: Luke Harongody.

Sf: Kyle Singler

Sg: Willie Warren.

Pg: John Wall.

All-American 3rd team.

C; Dexter Pittman

Pf: Solomon Alabi.

Sf:Craig Brackins.

Sg: Paul George.

Pg: Sherron collins.

Patrick Patterson, Damion James, Kalin Lucas.

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im sorry i dont see wall on

im sorry i dont see wall on first second or third..his numbers will probably look alot like 12-14pts 6ast 2 steals. yeah he has nba potenial and prob will be a top 5 pick but on the college level i think collins,vasquez, and warren will put up better numbers. first team
sharron collins
willie warren
kyle singler
luke harangody
greg monroe

and im pretty sure ed davis wont make any team over patrick patterson..davis is actually the second offensive option on his own team. possible third is henson contibutes more then expected

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C - Cole Aldrich PF - Ed

C - Cole Aldrich
PF - Ed Davis
G - Willie Warren
G - John Wall
G - Sherron Collins

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ed davis first team all

ed davis first team all american??? davis is hyped because of his potenial which is very good..hes still raw and isnt close to being a dominate player yet..he only scores off of athletic post moves. the number one option on that team is clearly thompson. john wall right now is not better then willie warren nor was he better when they were both seniors during willies sr year. though he has nba potenial. Alot of people seem to get nba potenial mixed up with college potenial. let me give you 2 reasons why wall wont dominate in college but will probably be a better pro, one is zone defense which will limit his one on one ability and 2 is his shooting which is below average. yes hes quick but he wont be able to over power players the way derrick rose could and the fact that he wont be the number one option on offense (that will be this years all american patrick patterson

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Good points jakarii33 I

Good points jakarii

I disagree about Wall and Davis though,

To make the team u either have great numbers on a good team, or very good numbers on a great team

Since the age limit was created....

of the 15 players on the 1rst team there are 7 top 5 picks, and 11 lottery picks. So if almost half of the players were top five picks and almost 3/4 were lotter picks, then there is a definite association between nba pottential and college potential.

2 freshman on first team except last year. Last years freshman class was horrible, and this years is definitely better. ODDS ARE there will be 1 freshman. I think it will either be Favors or Wall. People forget Wall is a year older than typical freshman. If rose and Tyreke thrived in Cal's system, he will certainly. And Rose was not the #` option for Memphis, D roberts was. I know he wasn't first team, but after his NCAA performance I bet some people wished they voted him in

I agree Ed Davis is still very raw and has no post moves. but he still had solid production as a freshman playing a supportive roll last year. He averaged 11points and 11 boards per 30 minutes. Since he will actually play 30 minutes, and get more opportunites to score, I would bet he puts up 15, 12, and 3 blocks. On a top 10 team, that will get u heavy consideration for 1rst team.

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joe you make some good

joe you make some good points but...ed davis wont have nearly as good of a season as harangody and the big east isnt that good this year. carolina is a shell of the team they were last year so they wont be a great team and yes rose had d roberts but wall isnt derrick rose no matter how many people try to compare them..rose was one of the top players in the nation as a senior in walls real senior season( as a jr) he wasnt one of the top jrs in the nation and im sorry i never go by what a player averages per 30 min can never get real accurate stats from that because its no different from a guy who plays 6 min a game but averages 4 pts. then on top of all that i just dont see these freshman unseating guys like greg monroe,cole aldrch, s.collins,luke,aminu,patterson, and i believe stanley robinson from uconn and kemba walker will make noise. then theres scottie reynolds and the other freshman who have made the first team like oden and beasley and durant were one of a kind on top of being big. Im not sure if peopel remeber alos but rose wasnt gonna be a first teammer untill that ncaa tourney run. now if wall makes that run( possible with that team) then you have to consider it. Oh yeah and dont forget about that pg from mich state. ed davis may,may. have the same season as b.wright did as a frehman for carolina

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out west

Don't forget about the pac 10. Isiah Thomas is the best player. He averaged 16 per game last year while winning the freshman of the year award. He sould drop 20+ next year for the Huskies.

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I would say Jerome Randle
I would say Jerome Randle from Cal is the best player in the Pac-10.
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