What about this...

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What about this...

I read the Big Ben back to Detroit article and looked through their lineup and started wondering: hof god (bad) could they be, where does all the negatve opinions about this team come from... IMO they have a prety good team with a lot of depth, and the only thing i don't like is the lack of a true PG ( well, also Kwame being the starting center lol )... Then i tried to create a deal that could land an at least above averege point guard... The only one i could think of was this:

Kirk Hinrich and Ronney Brewer to Detroit, Carlos Boozer and Will Bynum to Chicago, Rip hamilton and Ty gibson to Utah

Detroit gets a good point guard in Kirk and a prety good defender in brewer, the Bull gets Boozer and Bynum ( who will fill the backup point guard spot, and IMO JJ could play some time as a backup Sg ), the Jazz makes enaugh room and PT for Millsap and gets Gibson to backup Paul, + they get Hamilton ( although his contract looks prety ugly to me... )

Any thoughts?

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i think detroits giving up a

i think detroits giving up a little too much but stilla good trade

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I wouldn't want to lose Boozer and Brewer and only get back Rip.

Maybe replace Brewer with Miles and it would be a better trade for Utah.

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i thought

It was a good deal for Utah in the since there getting rip and they have to get Rip. To me Detriot does'n't do that well but putting Hinrich and Gordan back together

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